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How to build a simple emergency air-conditioner

build a simple emergency air-conditioner

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Following a few simple principles for evaporation, you can build a simple emergency air-conditioner if yours breaks down — or if you don’t have one at all — with these tips.

When the thermometer climbs to values above the 30-degree mark in summer, that always seems to be the time your air-conditioner will break down. Or it’s the time you discover you really want an air-conditioner, but don’t have one.

Uncomfortable sweating is the order of the day in non-air-conditioned rooms, unless you can fix the situation. This kind of heat stress can be not only uncomfortable, but unhealthy — or even dangerous — for the elderly and those not in good health. If you have to wait a while for the air-conditioning expert to come and fix or install your system, it’s good if you know how to help yourself in the meantime! We show how you can build an air conditioning system for your own with very simple tips and methods.

At some point, the rotating fan alone will no longer be of any use: when the hot air is in the room, it must be transported outside again. Only air conditioners with exhaust air hoses can transport this air from exhaust air through an open window gap. The weak point: Through the gap, warm air comes back into the apartment!

The solution in the form of a mobile air conditioner from the diy market is therefore not optimal. And a “big” solution with a hole through the outer wall is no quick help and is out of the question for rental apartments anyway. So how about an effective DIY air conditioning system that is built quickly and cost-effectively? You probably already have the materials at home.

Build a simple emergency air-conditioner: how it works

When it is diy, we take advantage of an effect we know from the outdoor pool: the evaporative cold. To cool off in the summer, we jump into the cool water, and feel refreshed afterwards. The situation is similar when you position a wet towel in the enclosed room, which cools the room air. In addition, you need a fan and a bucket, and you can make the fan work like air-conditioning. To proceed step-by-step:

  1. Hang a wet towel in the room. A clothesline, a hanger or a chair backrest are suitable for this purpose.
  2. When you hang the towel with the bottom edge in a bowl, tub or bucket with water, it sucks full again and again. Tip: Put ice cubes in the water.
  3. Place the fan behind the damp towel. It must be directed directly at the textile and must not swing out.
  4. The water in the towel now evaporates and cools the room noticeably, the fan promotes the process and distributes the cool air.

This improvised air conditioning system can work wonders in summer heat. However, if you build it in the bedroom, you should avoid lying in the draught — and should definitely not go to sleep in the draught. In addition, the next morning everything should be well ventilated to prevent mold formation due to moisture.