How to build a gaming PC cheaply: the best components

build a gaming PC

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This guide outlines how to build a gaming PC cheaply, using the best affordable components without compromising its performance. 

Setting up a cheaper gaming PC is one of the main goals for those looking to build a device that is capable of running current games while still looking for high performance. This is because PC parts can be so expensive at times. Building your own gaming PC can be a fun experience. However, what can be exciting for some can become a real headache for others. What parts do I need to buy? What are the cheapest options? Will this compromise my PCs performance? Did I buy the right hardware? 

These are some of the questions that people ask themselves when planning to build a gaming PC. Due of this, we have written this article to help you assemble a good gaming PC for a more affordable price. This will include cheaper parts you can purchase and cost-effective tips when building it. 

How to build a gaming PC cheaply 

As the most important components, we have selected the Processor, RAM, Graphics Card, Motherboard, SSD, HD, Power Supply and the Cabinet to help you assemble your gaming PC in the most cost-effective, but best way possible. The idea of this article is to help you build a gaming PC on a lower budget that will allow you to run a wide variety of games while still offering good performance, without any problems. 

Motherboard to build a Gaming PC cheaply 

Asus Prime B450M Gaming Motherboard 

For the motherboard, the choice we recommend is the ‘B450M Gaming’ model when building your gaming PC. It has a good amount of features, is compatible with AMD processors and delivers great performance. 

It has four slots for RAM and supports up to 64GB, and overclocking can be overclocked to increase the frequency. Speaking of which, the motherboard accepts memories with a frequency of up to 3466MHz. This Asus model also has an M.2 NVMe SSD input. The B450M Gaming also has a modern interface for BIOS control and boot configuration, as well as USB 3.1 and SATA ports with a speed of 6GB/s. 

Why do we recommend the ‘Asus Prime B450M Gaming Motherboard’? 

  • Current slot standard for AMD processors (AM4) 
  • 12 USB ports to install peripherals 
  • M.2 SSD docking slot 
  • Ability to accept 3466MHz frequency RAM, enabling better performance 

Processor to build a Gaming PC cheaply 

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor 

One of the best ways to start building a gaming PC is by choosing the processor. For this, we have selected the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor, which is one of AMD’s intermediate options. This processor has six cores and works with up to 12 threads, at a 3.6GHz base clock, but can reach up to 4.2GHz. 

It has two memory channels and supports DDR4 models with a frequency of up to 3200MHz, offering good data processing speed and —. like the motherboard — is particularly great for running open world adventure games. Therefore, it is a good option to assemble a cheap gaming PC.

Why do we recommend the ‘AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor’? 

  • Intermediate processor with good performance for heavy games and programs 
  • It enables RAM memories with a frequency of 3200MHz, allowing greater performance in these parts 
  • 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors remain relevant 
  • Good performance in Boost mode 

Graphics Card to build a Gaming PC cheaply 

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card 

Another fundamental category to build a gaming PC is the choice of graphics card. After all, it is responsible for the graphic quality of the games. To help you assemble your PC we recommend the NVIDIA ‘GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card’, which is the most suitable entry model for those who want to assemble a cheap gaming PC. 

Even though it is a more basic GPU, it can run several famous games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or you can even play blackjack at Platin, the best online casino without any problems. In addition, despite being a cheaper graphics card it still gets the job done. Lastly, it is always useful to know if the graphics card you are buying can run the newer and heavier games. 

Why do we recommend the ‘GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Card’? 

  • Although it isn’t a cheap part, it is truly the best value for money 
  • It will allow you to run multiplayer or competitive games well 
  • It is able to run newer games, although not in the ideal quality 

RAM to build a Gaming PC cheaply 

Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB RAM 

It is recommended to have at least 8GB of RAM, even if it is for lighter use. Due to this, the best choice is to pick the cost-effective Kingston HyperX FAURY 8GB RAM which has a speed of 2666Mhz. It can be used for both Intel and AMD-based systems. 

With this component, you’ll be able to quietly run your games while listening to music, for example, without it hindering your game with sudden crashes and constant loss of frames per second (FPS) . 

Why do we recommend the ‘Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB RAM’? 

  • Good value for money 
  • Ability to run most games except the most demanding 
  • Good frequency allows you to improve PC performance 

Storage to build a Gaming PC cheaply

HD Western Digital 1TB

Although slower than SSD, HDs often have more capacity to store their games. However, SSD is a priority for your computer to stay fast, and today you should always firstly opt for this when building your gaming PC. In the case you go for an HD, the Western model is a good value-for-money option and offers 1TB of space – enough to install many games. 

For the future, however, we recommend that you get an SSD as soon as possible. You could retain the SSD for permanent installs, while the HD will be freed up for other uses. Like this you can combine the SSDs performance and large HD storage space. 

For an SSD, we recommend the SSD Adata XPG Gammix S11 Pro, which is a 256GB NVMe SSD that will make all the difference in the speed of your gaming PC. 

Tip: You can also do the reverse process! That is, install the SSD first and, in the future, put a complementary HD. You’ll get the luxury of high performance while also having ample room to install many games. 

Why do we recommend the ‘HD Western Digital 1TB’? 

  • Ability to store several games 
  • Ideal for your gaming PC if you don’t mind having less speed 
  • Best when installed after the SSD 

Why do we recommend the ‘SSD Adata XPG Gammix S11 Pro’? 

  • It will make your whole system faster 
  • M.2 connection is currently the best of SSDs on the market 
  • Lower Capacity 

Power Supply to build a Gaming PC cheaply 

Corsair 450W 80 Plus Bronze 

The last fundamental components to assembling an affordable gaming PC is the power source. Many people do not give proper attention to this part, but it is important to remember that without a good power supply, the parts do not work well and may even damage them over time. 

For this section, we chose a Corsair 450W source, which is a power supply enough to power everything with no problems. However, it is important to choose this piece last, as you will need to add up how much energy each piece requires. 

Why do we recommend the ‘Corsair 450W 80 Plus Bronze’? 

  • A good power output that can handle the demand of many setups

Cabinet to build a Gaming PC cheaply

Aerocool Shard Acryclic Cabinet 

To finish the assembly of our cheap gaming PC, it is important to carefully consider the cabinet. Because it is a gaming computer, the components tend to get hotter. Therefore, to prevent having problems with overheating, we recommend choosing a tower with good airflow and fans already installed. 

Another important point to pay attention to is the size of the motherboard. There are enclosures that support EATX, ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX cards. We recommend brands that offer good cases for fair prices, such as Aerocool, Corsair and Cooler Master. 

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