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How to boost your career by working abroad

boost your career by working abroad

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Due to the ever-increasing globalization, the demands on jobseekers have changed significantly. A good school leaving certificate and initial work experience are no longer just enough to advance your career – especially at international level. But you can boost your career by working abroad.

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Boost your career by working abroad: why it works

Boost your career by working abroad

In addition to fluent knowledge of foreign languages, relevant foreign experience is becoming more and more a must here. Admittedly, not all companies see a stay abroad as a basic prerequisite for starting a career, but industry-related and above all practical experience abroad always stands out on the CV as a “icing on the cake”. No wonder, then, that more and more students and professionals are choosing to spend a longer period abroad in order to invest in their own careers in the long term.

But here too caution is required, because staying abroad is not the same as staying abroad! Travelling through Australia for months while relaxing on the beach is hardly considered positive by an employer. Thus, the following applies: For the plus point in the CV, the stay abroad should demonstrably contribute to one’s own further training or expand one’s own professional experience.


A time spent to boost your career by working abroad brings many advantages. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to travel to one or even more new countries and to immerse yourself intensively in the culture of the country, depending on the length of your stay. This helps to not only learn to deal with people from other cultures, but also to gain an authentic insight into local customs. Above all, this makes it affordable if you work in an international company that employs people from a wide range of countries of origin.

Furthermore, a trip to boost your career by working abroad also contributes to improving, if not perfecting, one’s own knowledge of foreign languages. Multilingualism has become an important prerequisite for many companies and, above all, good english skills are an integral part of the business world and many other professions.

Last but not least, you can also gain a lot of valuable experience by staying abroad. On the one hand, in a foreign country, you are completely on your own, which shows potential workers that you can easily face new challenges and have a certain degree of independence and organizational talent. At the same time, valuable key skills, such as intercultural skills, can also be acquired abroad.


Depending on the purpose for which you decide to stay abroad, you can choose from numerous options. If, for example, a stay abroad is used to improve one’s own language skills, then a language trip is ideal for this. These combine a language course on site with numerous leisure activities to maintain a complete immersion in both the language and the culture of the host country.

If you want to go abroad for purely career reasons, you should opt for an internship abroad. It is particularly important here that the internship offers you the opportunity to gain professional experience in a relevant industry. This significantly promotes both national and international career opportunities. In addition, during your time abroad, you also learn job-specific business jargon, learn to deal correctly with employees from other countries and get an insight into the local mentality. In addition, important contacts can be established abroad, which can prove to be extremely advantageous in terms of careers at a later stage.

If the stay abroad is to combine the useful with the pleasant, then the option of a working vacation is suitable. This combines travel with numerous casual jobs in a wide range of industries. The advantage is that you have plenty of time to get to know the country and its people better, making new contacts and improving your own knowledge of foreign languages.