How to add volume to fine hair

Fuller hair

Who does not want that – get up in the morning and have hair with fullness and volume! We tell you a few simple tips and tricks on how to add volume to fine hair.

Add volume to fine hair: The right haircut makes it

Many women naturally have very fine hair and have very difficult volume. Especially in the morning after getting up, the hair of many women are often flat and hanging limp down. But what helps against it? The longer the hairs are, the finer they are. Therefore, it is advisable to cut the tips more often at the hairdresser or to wear the hair generally a little shorter, thereby they seem much fuller. 

Even hairstyles make this look thinner. With glamorous waves in the hair, it seems much more voluminous. Also a high bun before you sleep will make beautiful and natural waves in your hair the next morning.

My everyday tips for more volume

Through a massage of your scalp, you can massage in your natural volume. Carefully massage the scalp with your fingertips in circular motions. This stimulates the circulation of the scalp and strengthens the hair roots. By tufting your hairline with a special comb or brush, different parts can be lifted to “simulate” volume.

Another tip for slack hair is to blow-dry your hair upside down and best with a round brush. First, you blow dry the strands with warm air before you roll them over the brush and blow with cold air over it. You leave the brush in your hair for a few minutes.

From chin-length hair you should use a round brush with at least six centimeters in diameter, otherwise small curls, but no fullness arises. The cold air ensures that the hair does not look so dull and that the boasted volume really holds. The apex often several inches to the left or right to move, also provides more volume, because the hair roots want to bend in the usual direction and push the approach so up.

Which hair products can help

Supportive to the everyday tips and tricks are special hair products. The dosage of care, however, it is important to note! Special volume shampoos give the hair more body. However, this should not contain any silicones as they complain and make the hair limp. Supplementary conditioner or a hair cure complete the whole thing. Rinse and conditioner but only in the tips distribute, otherwise they make the hair too heavy. For this reason, always rinse off product residues very well. The finished hairstyle, you can do with a voluminising spray as the final step to make your hair fuller.

I hope that I could help you with my tips and I hope you enjoy styling your hair!