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How to add fonts to Word: steps for Windows and Mac

How to add fonts to Word

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Outlines step-by-step how to add fonts to Word for Windows, how to add fonts to Word Mac version, how to embed fonts in a document and customize file options to avoid the fonts making a document too large. Simple steps and quick versions below will explain how to add new fonts to Word.

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Fonts make a big impact to determine how a document appears to the viewer. If the pre-installed Word fonts do not meet your requirements, it’s time to look for more fonts that will do the job. Or maybe you ‘re tired of the default fonts in Word or you want to spruce up a document with a special font, you can simply follow the steps below for how to add fonts to Microsoft Word.

How to add fonts to Word in Windows 10: steps

Word uses the fonts that are installed on Windows. Therefore, to add a new font to Word, you need to install a new font on Windows. You can then use these for other Office programs such as Excel or PowerPoint. Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the Quick Guide instructions.

Step 1: Download font

The Internet has numerous sites from which you can download a variety of different fonts. When you find a website, browse the fonts and choose one that fits the style you have in mind. When you’ve found a font, there’s likely a download button nearby, and when you click it, a .zip file of the font will be saved to your computer. Follow the next steps for how to add downloaded fonts to Word.

Step 2: Unzip the file

After downloading, you can either click the file in your browser or search it in your file manager. Then right click on the file and unzip it. Depending on which program you are using, this process differs from our example.

Step 3: Select the files you want to install

After unzipping the file, open the unzipped folder. You will now see several TrueType files or OpenType files there. To add your new funds, select them and simply drag and drop them into the Fonts folder. Of course, you can also copy the fonts to the “Fonts” folder.

Step 4: Install font/s

A new window will now open. Click on the ” Install ” button at the top right . Repeat this process for the other TrueType or OpenType files.

Step 5: Find new font in Word

Now open Microsoft Word. You should now find the new font you just installed under the fonts.

Step 6. Embed the font in the document

Important: If you want to send the document or edit it on another PC on which the font has not been installed, Word will display the text again with a standard font. To prevent this, you can embed the fonts used in the document. Then these are passed on together with the document. To do this, first go to the “File” tab and click the “Options” button (in Word 2007 click the Office button and the “Word Options” button).

Step 7. Customize file size options

In the Word options you switch to the “Save” area. Now check the option “Embed fonts in Word”. You should definitely leave the option “Do not embed general fonts” activated, otherwise the document will be very large. Optionally, you can further reduce the file size using “Only embed characters used in the document”. This is only worthwhile if the text has been completed and should no longer be edited.

Step 8. Save the document with new fonts

When you exit the options with “Ok” and save the document, next time Word will integrate the fonts used into the file. You can now view and edit the document prepared in this way correctly on PCs on which the fonts are not yet installed.

How to add fonts to Word on a PC: Quick Guide

Download a font you want from a website.
Then after the download, open the .zip file in the file manager.
Then right click on the file and unzip it.
Now open the unzipped folder. There should be multiple TrueType files or OpenType files in it. Copy or drag the files you want to the Fonts folder.
In the new window click on ” Install “.
Repeat the installation process for the remaining files as well. You should then find your new font under the fonts in Word.

Note: You can use the new fonts in all Microsoft Office applications.

If you don’t want to change the font in Microsoft Word every time, you can simply set the default font yourself. This guide explains how this works with Word on Windows.

How to add fonts under Windows 2000 / XP 

  1. Click the start bar and then click the “Run” command.
  2. Enter the following command in the bar that appears and then click “OK”: % windir% \ fonts
  3. In the “File” menu, click on the command “Install New Font”
  4. Select the folder that contains the font, then click OK
  5. Windows will now show you a list of various fonts contained in the folder. Choose the one you want to install. If you want to install more than one, hold down the CTRL key while selecting.
  6. Click the Copy fonts to the Fonts folder box to make the new font available to all applications, then click OK.

Use your font in any application, such as Word. Have fun!

How to add fonts in Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Start the “Fonts” system menu by clicking “Start”, then selecting the Control Panel and then clicking “Appearance and Personalization”.
  2. In this menu, select the point “Schirftarten”
  3. open “File” then click “Install New Font” (file not shown? Press “Alt” on the keyboard)
  4. In the Add Fonts dialog box that appears, select the folder where the fonts are located.
  5. Windows will now show you a list of various fonts contained in the folder. Select the fonts you want to add. If you want to install more than one, hold down the CTRL key while selecting.
  6. Click on “Install”
  7. The font is now available to all programs (such as Word).

How to add fonts to Word Mac

  1. Adding fonts to a Mac OS X computer is easy.
  2. open the folder and locate the * .ttf file. It is the one marked with a font symbol.
  3. Double click on the file. A preview window opens.
  4. Click Install.
  5. The file is then available in all programs and can be used there.

How to change the default font in Word

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the brief instructions .

Step 1. Word font menu

Open Word and click the small icon in the lower right corner in the Font section in the menu bar at the top.

Step 2: Change the default font

This will open a new window. Select the desired font in the ” Font ” area and click on ” Set as default “.

Step 3: Choose for this doc or all new documents

Now you can choose whether the standard font should only be used for this document or for all new documents . Choose one of the options and click OK .

Change the default font: Quick Guide
  • Under the ” Start ” tab in the ” Font ” area, click the small icon in the lower right corner.
  • In the new window in the ” Font ” area, select your desired font and click on ” Set as default “.
  • Choose whether to use the default font for this document only or for all documents and click OK .