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Unusual wedding souvenir ideas

unusual wedding souvenir ideas

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When the guest book beings creative ideas to the wedding, it will be a memento that you can look back on years later. If you find the right item for your family and friends to perpetuate, your wedding day will be unforgettable. Here are unusual wedding souvenir ideas that stand out.

1. Unusual wedding souvenir ideas: The unique guestbook

The classic among the wedding souvenirs is the guest book, in which anyone who can attest to this event can sign. With a few modifications, the accompanying book becomes a highlight.

  • Tying a book takes a long time and is an effort that you can spare yourself. All major online shopping portals have a good selection of guestbooks that you can personalize in advance.
  • Fear that you are not the only bridal couple with this idea, just go back to beautiful notebooks . The advantage here is that you can easily adjust the color, size and design to your celebration.
  • Also friend books for children can be a funny idea, especially since you can learn not only news about your guests with this; You also get the chance to share a childhood memory that unites you and your partner – maybe you were both dinosaur fans right from the beginning and now you want to share that passion with the world.
  • For individual requests, give instructions on how your friends and family members should complete the guestbook. A note on the first page of the notebook or a sign at the place where you leave your scrapbook are enough. Otherwise, you are, of course, free to leave the guests to their own creativity.

2. Pictures as a guest book

Of course, pictures are also very popular at the wedding. Your guests will never look the same again as on this special day, and with a Polaroid camera and one or the other accessory you will accompany the photos on the way as a husband and wife. 

  1. Offer your guests an instant or Polaroid camera. So you have two advantages: With the resulting snapshots creates an individual guest “book” and when you scan the images, you can create personalized Thanksgiving cards.
  2. Give your guests  the opportunity to leave a small message with a  permanent marker.
  3. Then the photos can be pasted into a book, put together with a large picture frame , a few strings and clips like a photo wall , or placed in a suitably decorated photo box .
  4. You can just as well create a card index and assign the pictures in this way a saying card .
  5. Each of these alternatives you can decorate as your mood and complement to your taste before or after the big celebration.
Ideas for the wedding guestbook can be easily collected and put into action with creative images

3. Draw, scribble and paint in the guest book

If you think your relatives, friends and acquaintances should go wild on your wedding day, the following ideas are ideal for creative minds:

  • Fingerprints: A personal memorabilia is taken care of when you collect the fingerprints of your guests. The easiest way to do this is to put up a canvas, provide an ink pad in any color, and add a permanent marker.
  • The fingerprints are either randomly drawn on the canvas or you draw an outline into which the guests may fit. This can be a tree, a fish, two wedding rings, balloons or your favorite animal.
  • Drawing: Are you artistically talented, draw your guests. These must then only supplement their signature or a beautiful saying to your image. However, such a format lends itself more to smaller weddings.
  • A less costly option is to paint you and your future spouse on a canvas , both in white. So friends and family can immortalize the bride in her wedding dress and the acquaintance of the groom in his suit.
  • Puzzle: If you like jigsaw puzzle, you can also take a white puzzle and have the individual parts signed or decorated. Instead of a neutral puzzle, you can paint an older copy using the DIY method. At the party, you will only need pens or stains and leave it to your friends to create a unique puzzle.

4. Cards for the guestbook

When two people fall in love, neither place nor time plays a role in this particular bond. This spatial distance, which finally overcomes not only the spouses, but also guests, can be visualized with beautiful ideas.

  • A globe is a centerpiece in every living room. If this is additionally decorated with all sorts of signatures and congratulations from your wedding guests, it becomes an eye-catcher with even greater ease.
  • If this is too commonplace for you, perhaps a classic letterbox is the right one for you, filled with letters and postcards of your loved ones. These souvenirs will be filled out during the celebration and will be given a special charm by the cards you provide.
  • Come, your partner and relatives, for the most part from a particular city and neighborhood, can distribute small city ​​maps (for example, as printouts). There the guests mark their approximate place of residence and complete name and congratulations. Guests who are not from this area will mark the place where they are celebrating.

5. Hobbies as unique decorations to be signed

Many couples share certain passions. If this hobby can be explained with a single item, a nice guestbook can be created. Even without a common pastime, the following decorations are suitable as souvenirs.

  • Forest or sea – often everyone can easily answer this question. If you like the idea of ​​trees, streams and game, you can, for example, take a rustic wooden disc and have it signed. Alternatively, each guest gets his own piece of wood.
  • For sailors and beach enthusiasts , a wooden anchor or model ship is a wonderful representative; in the case of the small boat, the sails serve as a decorative surface.
  • A good wine rarely survives the wedding night, but with this special bottle you make an exception: take a vintage that is meaningful to you and have it signed by your guests. After that, save the good drop; maybe until a special wedding day or until the first argument.
  • Corporate or video games are more your case? Then, for example, you access a Jenga tower and have the individual stones signed. As more modern game lovers, choose two controllers or create a cover for your favorite game on which guests can sign.