Knowhow: why you need to do a kitchen renovation

a kitchen renovation

This guide outlines the top reasons to consider a kitchen renovation when you are weighing up the cost.

Kitchens are important rooms in the home. They’re where food is prepared and often are where families eat their meals. When homebuyers tour properties, the kitchen can be the tipping point in whether they like the house. If you are wondering whether you should do a kitchen renovation, you probably should.

Reasons to do a kitchen renovation

To make sure, though, look at common reasons people undertake kitchen remodels.

Update the Style

Is your kitchen stuck in the 1980s or 2000s? A style upgrade could be just the thing you need. For example, new appliances such as a refrigerator, range or cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, and even smaller items such as blenders can give your kitchen renovation a modern, sleek look.

Critical “extra” (not so extra!) touches include new range hoods, a different backsplash tile, a change in the cabinet knobs, pulls, or other hardware, a stylish new faucet, and updated lighting. New, energy-friendly appliances also boost your water and energy savings.

Undertake a Fun DIY Project

If you love DIY home improvements, then a kitchen renovation is one of the most interesting and varied. So much goes into a kitchen, you have the ability to choose the areas of the renovation that meet your skill level.

If you are not comfortable working with plumbing, you do not have to. There are plenty of other things to focus on in the kitchen. This type of DIY project can be fun to do with spouses, kids, friends, and others, too.

Help With Aging in Place

If you’ve decided to age in place, other areas of the house such as the bathroom and bedroom probably need attention earlier than the kitchen. At some point, though, it is helpful to do a kitchen renovation to meet aging needs. Kitchens are more dangerous than some people realize and pose fire risks.

One area of focus is ensuring available space for walkers and wheelchairs. Plan on 42 to 48 inches of clearance for pathways and 36 inches for doorways.

For safety’s sake, ensure the kitchen flooring is not slippery. Slips are a real risk, especially when spills are not cleaned right away. Vinyl, wood, or linoleum are your safest bets.

Low-pile carpet and nonslip tile work well too, but tile can be tricky for folks to stand on for extended periods. That is especially true with lower back or hip pain. If you already have stone or tile floors, you can apply slip-prevention texture to avoid replacing them.

Consider automatic and smart lights to make lighting more accessible. The thermostat should be accessible, too. Pull cabinets are easy for many seniors to use, and multilevel countertops offer functionality at different levels.

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

A kitchen renovation could mostly pay for itself if you are selling your home. A minor, midrange-cost kitchen remodel tends to recoup 72.2% of costs, while a major midrange kitchen remodel recoups 57.4% of costs. An upscale, major remodel recoups 53.9% of costs.

In any case, if you remain with an outdated kitchen, you risk your home stagnating on the market for months while buyers go elsewhere. Consult with your real estate agent to strike the right balance between your kitchen remodel investment and the highest return. As the numbers show, a minor remodel could be more effective than something major.

Mesh With Your Preferences and Needs

Perhaps your kitchen has never met your needs, or your needs have evolved over time. As an example, you might never have had much time to cook and host parties, but now you do. Or you are home a lot more these days and want to prepare home-cooked meals instead of ordering delivery all the time. You want the kitchen to help you more than hinder you. That is a great reason to renovate your kitchen.

Sometimes, kitchens simply need upgrades to become more functional. Their layout could be awkward with minimal storage and prep space. A kitchen renovation remodel addresses these issues.

Occasionally, people want to redo their kitchens for health reasons. This can happen when a family member has immune system issues. You can remodel your kitchen to minimize the bacteria present and make it easier to clean. Vinyl plank flooring is an example of a flooring material that is quite easy to clean with a quick daily mopping.

Reverse Damage and Deterioration

Some kitchens are in visibly bad shape. They possess peeling countertops, missing cabinet doors, cracked or broken tiles, and appliances that are not reliable. Safety is important, and this would be an excellent time for a kitchen renovation.

Match Other Renovations

It’s a good idea to renovate one area of the house at a time rather than tackle the entire house all at once. This approach lets you live in the house while remodels are occurring. You may have completed bedroom, bathroom, and living room remodels, and now it’s time for a kitchen renovation.


A kitchen renovation can be a great investment in your house and even your lifestyle. You can redo your kitchen to support goals such as aging in place or cooking more at home and to reflect modern design trends. Kitchen renovations offer the opportunity for you to DIY as little or as much as you want, depending on your skill level and available time.

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