Knowhow: why winter is the best time for botox – seasonal effects

Best time for botox

Your skin reacts differently to each season. This guide outlines why winter is the best time for Botox to be applied for lasting effect.

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Winter is the most harmful season for the skin. Cold weather negatively affects it; extra steps in the skincare routine should be added, and, if ignored, the consequences will be extremely noticable and hard to get rid of. That is why a lot of people choose Botox for supporting skin’s youth and glow.

But when is the best time for Botox injections? Why should you choose it? What are the benefits? Let’s answer all of these questions and discuss Botox with advice from the experts:

Benefits of Using Botox

Many people choose aesthetic medicine to get rid of small (or major) insecurities that make life much harder. But how to make this decision? If you are still considering whether you should use botulinum toxin for improving your appearance, here are three pros that will dispel your doubts. 

  • Cosmetic Botox doesn’t demand surgery. If you can’t tolerate anesthesia or afraid of going under the knife, aesthetic medicine is the key to your youth. The procedure itself is painless, doctors usually use anesthetic on the treated areas (just in case), and the recovery time is minimal;
  • It can be used for treating some medical conditions. If you suffer from migraines, any kind of muscle spasms, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, etc., Botox can be a life-changer. Consult with a doctor first if you consider Botox for these purposes;
  • Botox can make people not only look but also feel better. In order to make the result last longer, it is recommended to frown less. In this way, you can influence your subconscious. Frowning associates with negative emotions, as followed, if you avoid it – your mood gets better.

Those reasons are just the basics. There are many more benefits that depend on your necessities and why you’ve decided to get Botox in the first place. Consult with the specialist to decide whether you need this procedure and in what way it can help you. 

Botox Throughout the Year

If you decided that botulinum toxin procedure is what you need right now but don’t know anything about scheduling Botox injections — keep reading. The aftercare routine and recovery process is not the same during different seasons of the year, it always has its peculiarities, and we will explain the best time for botox.

  • Spring. With the first warm days, people wish to refresh their looks and follow the rule “New year – new me.” That is why it is usually harder to book an appointment, and the recovery process can be more problematic because the sun’s getting brighter, so squinting and frowning are unavoidable;
  • Summer. “Squinting” season continuous, wrinkles and fine lines become more visible. That is why there’s a chance to tan unevenly in the frown places, furrows will be lighter, and the face will look ridiculous;
  • Autumn. The sun is not as aggressive during fall, which means that the recovery period after the procedure will pass easier. Moreover, low temperatures help to keep the effect longer, and that’s definitely good news;
  • Winter. Among all of the seasons for Botox, winter is considered the best one. As we’ve already mentioned, cold temperatures are better for Botox so that the recovery process will be easier, and youthful looks will be with you for much longer.

As you can see, the temperature has an effect on Botox, so winter is the best period for this procedure. There are more pros, and we will gladly share them in the next paragraph.

Benefits Of Having Botox During Winter

Best time for botox

If you’re still can’t understand winter Botox benefits, here is a shortlist of reasons why is it the best season:

  • Keeps your skin moisturized and firm. During the cold season, skin dryness is a common problem. You can easily avoid it with the help of Botox;
  • Prolong the effect. The injection effect lasts from three to six months. Thanks to the cold weather, the effect will last for as long as it can;
  • Forget about the sweating during winter. It’s a gamechanger for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis;
  • Avoid swelling and bruising after the procedure. Specialists recommend avoiding high temperatures 48 hours after the treatment. So, winter is the best variant in terms of excluding side effects from your routine.

Winter is the best variant for Botox, that’s a fact. With all of the holidays and celebrations, you should look as fabulous as possible. Let aesthetic medicine help you with that!

Final Word

Specialists say that every season is perfect for Botox. But if you are among those perfectionists who want a maximum effect, you should definitely consider winter as your season of choice. Start the journey to youthful skin today!

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