Knowhow: which sport should I play – how to choose

which sport should i play

The world is full of fun and exciting sports. But which sport should I play? This guide outlines some of the factors in choosing a sport.

Picking a sport for yourself could be quite easy. Adversely, it could also be a challenge for some. Sports are among the favorites when it comes to hobbies in general. The sports industry is the top entertainment platform and has only grown with the advent of the internet and social media.

Which sport should I play? How to choose

There are several approaches to answer the question ‘which sport should I play’… first of all consider what your habits and location are telling you, then consider the 4 personal factors.

Consider the players you admire

If perhaps you’re finding it difficult to answer the question ‘which sport should I play’ there are a few things to consider that should put you on the right path in such regard. If you’re interested in sports, it’s likely because you’ve been watching sports. In that case, you’d do well to consider your favorite athlete and their discipline. If your favorite sportsperson is LeBron James, basketball is probably the sport for you. If you’re above average height and are athletically inclined, then why not?

There are plenty of top celebrities who happen to be sportspersons. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are among them and if one of them’s your favorite, soccer’s likely what it is for you. The aforementioned pair have been dominating European soccer since the early 2000s and, despite being well into their thirties, are the top two players in their field. Ronaldo returned to Manchester United this year after leaving for Real Madrid in 2009 and, as expected, is a huge attacking threat in the Premier League. Messi has also made a switch this year, having joined Paris Saint-Germain after 18 years at Barcelona.

Tom Brady is another such player. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is still among the best and, in his case, is already in his forties (44 to be precise). Brady led the Bucs to the Super Bowl at the end of last season and they’re now the favorites to win it again. If you’re not decided on a sport yet, you just might be a newbie when it comes to betting and could use some free sports picks to start yourself off.

Which sports do you pay attention to?

Another factor to consider if you’re not really into watching sports, but you’ve dabbled: think about the game you watched despite having things you probably felt were more important to do. It could be a major event such as the Super Bowl or World Cup final. Maybe it was a tennis Grand Slam finale. Whatever it was, if it was enough to keep you from doing something else, it’s probably the right one for you.

There are people out there who wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to a sport during its regular season but would pay attention during the playoffs and the finals. There’s nothing wrong with that, you do have a life right? If you’re in that category, it’s still pretty easy to pick a sport for you.

Which sports do you attend?

What about actually attending sporting events? Have you ever bought a ticket to attend a game? Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn’t. If it’s the former, then there you go. Some people couldn’t be bothered to watch a sport on television but wouldn’t mind actually attending.

Take cricket for example. A very popular sport in the Caribbean but lots of people prefer going to stadiums to watch matches over tuning in on TV due to the festive atmosphere it presents. Some of them take up an actual interest in the sport after attending.

Which sports are avaible in your area?

There are plenty of other things to weigh apart from the above. Liking a sport is one thing, participating could be complicated. Caribbean folk could be fans of ice hockey, yet playing it would present a challenge as ice rinks are pretty hard to come by in the tropics. Rather interestingly, though, a synthetic ice rink was installed in Barbados back in 2016. If that’s still around, it’s a rare commodity in the region.

So choosing a sport does depend on where you live but it might have nothing to do with climate. It’s possible that you simply don’t have facilities where your favorite sport could be played in your area.

What is your body type?

As pointed to above, your body type has a bit to do with it. Taller people will probably gravitate to basketball but that by no means prevents a shorter person from engaging. While basketball is a tall person’s sport, there’s nothing keeping short folk from being great at it. The NBA has had plenty of undersized players dominate the game, with Allen Iverson perhaps the most notable.

Yet if you are on the taller end, basketball is definitely a sport to consider.

Are you a fast runner? If so, track and field might be right up your alley. But football, soccer, and baseball are also prime options. There will always be room for pace in sports, no matter which it is. Speed is and has always been one of the most coveted attributes across the sporting landscape.

If you’re a heavyset person, football would probably be something to look into, there’s also wrestling and there’s even something to be had where basketball is concerned.

Which sport should I play? 4 personal factors to help you choose

  1. Fitness factor

Beginners and returnees aged 35 and over should not rush into challenging training unprepared. It’s best to do it in advance a medical health check to determine the level of fitness and to make a performance diagnosis.

Beginners and returnees aged 35 and over should not rush into challenging training unprepared. It’s best to do it in advance a medical health check to determine the level of fitness and to make a performance diagnosis.

Pre-existing illnesses and existing complaints should be included here. This also applies to risk factors such as Smoking , high blood pressure, Diabetes , increased blood lipid levels and obesity. The sports doctor can then recommend optimal sports.

  1. Fun factor

Sport has to be fun because that’s the only way to stick with it. If you want to know which sport is the right one, you should analyze your own preferences: Do I prefer to do sports indoors or outdoors? Do I prefer to be alone or in a group? Do I need the competitive or game character or do I like to move to music? Do I want to relax, become more flexible or build up strength?

  1. Health factor

Some forms of movement are particularly useful if you suffer from specific complaints. You can also use this to gauge which sports are right for you. With osteoarthritis, about joint-friendly sport like Cycling , walking or water aerobics are recommended; strength training has a positive effect on osteoporosis.

Back pain can often be relieved with backstroke swimming or gymnastics, and yoga or endurance sports can compensate for stress and depression.

  1. Injury factor

Certain sports are very injury-intensive – for example ball sports, mountain biking, gymnastics or skiing. Here you should initially only be active under the guidance of a trainer, so that the training workload corresponds to the performance capacity. If injuries such as sprains, bruises, damage to muscles, ligaments or bones occur, it is important to act immediately.

The best way to do this is to follow the PECH rule : pause (P), cold pack for cooling (E for ice), pressure bandage (C for compression), elevation (H). In the event of severe and persistent pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.


If you take everything noted here into consideration, it will be a lot easier to pick a sport for yourself. Also see How to choose the right martial arts types for you: ultimate guide