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Knowhow: Tips for moving house without losing your sanity

tips for moving

The guide outlines the best tips for moving house, from what to do even before you start packing, plus a checklist of services you need to update.

For many families, the thought of an upcoming move is a real horror. You see a lot of work coming your way, because packing and unpacking is not all you have to do. The new domicile must be prepared for moving in and the landlord of the old apartment would also like to take over their place in good condition if later claims for damages are to be avoided. But with good preparation and planning, every move should succeed without major mishaps.

Tips for moving without going crazy

A move is in many ways connected with much effort. It can take a lot of time until everything is where it should be. But now please don’t panic: We have collected many tips for you on the subject of moving so that you can get to your new home at the apartments for rent in Alexandria quickly and, above all, in an orderly manner. ALSO READ: How to pay for home improvements: guide to the options

Make a checklist!

The hectic pace and tight deadlines mean that things to be done “fall through the cracks”. If you don’t want to forget anything and save yourself fuss and mishaps, make a checklist early on. There you can check off what has been done. We have developed a draft checklist at the end of this article for you, which you can adjust to your own particular needs.

Let the neighbors know you are moving

If you maintain a good relationship with your neighbors, they are quite ready to help on the day of the move or even to set up a private no-parking zone. One of the handy tips to moving is that if possible you should park three cars one behind the other on the day before the move, to allow space right outside your door. It can help also if you are allowed to temporarily store some of your frozen food with your neighbor.

Plan enough time

One of the key tips for moving is to allow yourself as much time as possible. If you have signed the new lease and canceled the old apartment, it is advisable to order the moving van and moving boxes directly . If you want to do the transport yourself, remember that you need some strong helpers. So let your friends and relatives know your moving date in good time.

Since packing the moving items takes a lot of time, one of the best tips when moving is that you should start packing the moving boxes about two weeks before the move. It should take about a month from the first contact with the moving company to the actual move. You need this for the correspondence that you now have to deal with. That would mean terminating the old lease, finding a new tenant, cleaning the old apartment and much more. The tenants’ association as an example has such instructions and we also have a checklist below.

Tips to pack for moving: Collect newspapers early!

Wrapping paper is quite an expensive proposition. One of the cleverest tips for moving is that if you want to save yourself this expense, quickly remove the sticker “Please no advertising” from your mailbox. You can use all of the advertising newspapers as free packing material. If they are not enough, just take your sweaters, socks and underwear items — or even towels and sheets — when packing to cushion dishes and other sensitive items. This also saves space on the moving van because it reduces the number of boxes and suitcases required.

Clean out your excess stuff!

Over time, things accumulate in every apartment that no one needs anymore. So that they don’t even get into the moving boxes and into the new apartment with them, a major clearing out campaign is recommended as a preparation. Here, all things that are no longer needed are mucked out. You can already pack some things that you no longer need until the move date.

This saves you time later and is easy on your nerves during the acute relocation phase. But as one of the important tips for moving, keep in mind that you cannot clear out all of the boxes in the new apartment right away. Good labeling of the moving boxes will save you the hassle of searching later.

Use moving boxes and packaging material optimally

For a move to go smoothly, it is important to properly pack your possessions, but this takes time. If it is a one-off move and no new move is planned in the long term, it is worth renting moving boxes. Skilled employees can estimate how many boxes you need. It is therefore important to arrange an appointment to view your home and the entire inventory.

It is important to always put heavy things on the box floor first, then put the lighter things on top. For transporting very fragile goods, for example glasses or other fragile items, there are special cardboard boxes, so-called glass boxes , which prevent the glasses from colliding and protect them optimally.

It is also important not to fill the moving boxes too much, otherwise there is a risk of tearing! The load capacity of a box should therefore not be exceeded. The size of the boxes should also be the same if possible. This makes the subsequent stacking of the moving boxes easier. Each box should be labeled with the contents it is packed in, as well as the space and importance. The most important boxes should be at the top as they are emptied first. Food should be used up as best as possible before moving. How to pack a suitcase: complete guide to pack like a pro

Park the children and pets for the day

Small children and pets are beautiful. But they have the peculiarity of mostly standing in the way when moving and causing excitement and mishaps. Therefore, look around at your relatives, acquaintances and friends in good time, where you can “park” them well looked after from the day before the furniture is transported until the day after. Then you have your head free and can concentrate on ensuring that your entire household is transported from A to B undamaged.

Have an emergency bag or box

When you are packing the moving boxes, please keep in mind that you will need a few things immediately in your new apartment on the day of your move. The emergency box includes, for example, scissors, a bottle opener, a knife, a few cups, toilet paper, handkerchiefs and adhesive plasters. The medication should also not end up in the moving boxes, but rather packed in a bag or a box in the emergency box. If you want to assemble your furniture yourself, the tools have to be at hand. Therefore, a large and eye-catching case is ideal as an emergency box. How to store a feather down duvet correctly

Move the boxes in a logical order

A “time waster” when moving is the fact that the porters usually grab the boxes furniture in the order that suits them. This can have fatal consequences. Think about the order in which your furniture should be assembled. Write this down on a list so that the wearer can act on it. A sketch on the front door will help your porters to get the furniture straight to where it will ultimately be set up. That saves you annoying queries, which always cost valuable time and nerves.

Consider what parking is needed to unload at the new address

The move requires a lot of strength and energy. Therefore, the distances that have to be covered when moving should be kept as short as possible. This can be achieved with a no-parking zone. A professional moving company will take care of the professional marking and registration of a no-parking zone for you, but this could cost money.

How to choose the right moving company

Choosing a professional moving company is very important for a smooth and safe move. Therefore one should not shy away from thorough research in this regard. Those who rely on acquaintances and friends can often experience disappointment. Therefore, you should definitely rely on professional help here. Here are three guidelines of the qualities a moving company should bring.

Cheap price

Often the choice falls on a cheap moving company. Moving is associated with high costs, but it is a fallacy to think the cheapest moving company would be the best solution, because those who save on the moving company are often wrong. Because behind the supposedly so attractive offers, there are often companies that charge for every additional service.

Moving workers offer their work per hour. Moving companies often correctly estimate their work and the effort involved, but the time indicated is usually not enough. What happens: If the allotted time is up, the team will stop working. Your furniture stays where it is.

So that the furniture can still be brought to the place, the moving helpers continue to offer their service, but with very high hourly prices. That can be really expensive in the end. A lot of steps, for example screwing on and off lamps, are also charged. It is important to agree on fixed prices here. It is essential to conclude a contract. So you can be sure that the moving company will actually come on the day of the move. Reputable moving companies will send you an invoice after the move is complete.


You can definitely use the price as a first clue to find a reputable moving company. There are also other points to consider when choosing the right moving company. Many moving companies are represented on the Internet. However, one should look carefully here. Reviews give a first impression. However, you should also get an idea for yourself.

How do the employees affect you? Are you happy and friendly? Or rather morose. Does the company focus on your lowest prices? Does the provider not provide any detailed information about himself or his work? We strongly advise against opting for such a company.

Opt for a moving companywho has a solid internet presence. Even short résumés of the employees or a small profile about each employee already indicate a solid company. If the company uses professional equipment then it is very likely to be a professional moving company. You can then leave this to your removal goods with a clear conscience and be sure that it will arrive unscathed.

Which additional services are offered?

Moving companies whose services also include the assembly of kitchen units have trained staff in addition to their moving helpers. The permanent authorization of a no- parking zone also indicates a professional moving company. Many companies also offer clearing out , cleaning and furniture lift rental services. Here it is important for the company to come by in person and get an idea of ​​your home or inventory.

A professional moving company also offers you cardboard boxes for rent, which delivers them and then picks them up again. Professional moving companies also take care of the loading and unloading of household items for you.

The checklist for moving

What has to be done and when so that the move does not degenerate into stress? If you use our checklist of moving tips as a guide, you will get through the move without stress.

About a month before the move

Announce your new address: Great! You have a new address! You shouldn’t keep the joy of it to yourself, but share it with many as soon as possible. From bank to newspaper deliverer, you should tell them: “Hello, my new address is …” You don’t even have to change your registration – you can tell many of them your new address sooner! This small overview will help you not to forget anyone:

  • Lease and bond arrangements if needed
  • Provider of landline connection and possibly internet connection (re-register connection or apply for a new one)
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • District heating

Offices / authorities

  • Vehicle registration new address
  • Tax office
  • Kindergarten / school
  • Possibly an employment agency
  • By the way: You should not officially re-register with any residents’ registration office until you have moved


  • Health insurance
  • Liability
  • Household items
  • Motor vehicle liability
  • Life insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Household insurance
  • Possibly more insurances you may have, such as for bicycles etc


  • Checking account
  • Credit cards (if separate from the bank)
  • Deposit accounts
  • Home loan
  • Savings or investment accounts


  • Cell phone provider
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Tax consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships (e.g. gym, club)

Mostly it still happens that some institutions slip through the cracks in the hustle and bustle of moving. Therefore, it is definitely worth submitting an application for change of address to the post office. So nothing is lost and you can gradually inform all the missed services about your new place of residence.