Knowhow: the pros and cons of PTZ cameras

PTZ cameras

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Live streaming, video conferencing and remote video chats have become the norm in today’s world. PTZ cameras are changing the way video is recorded and streamed, streamlining the process without compromising on quality.

If you’re considering PTZ cameras for live streaming, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of these cameras before you make an investment.

What are PTZ cameras?

If you’re a newbie, you may be wondering what PTZ camera means. PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. These cameras have mechanical components that allow them to perform many of the same functions as professional production equipment.

PTZ cameras are, essentially, robotic cameras that can be controlled remotely. They’re commonly used for live streaming, video conferencing, telemedicine, security and more.

They are ideal for monitoring large environments with agility and image quality. … Through a controller device or in some cases over the internet, PTZ cameras can be moved in all directions, in addition to accurately controlling zoom, doubts about PTZ speed dome cameras.

Typically, PTZ cameras can be used with:

  • SDI video production
  • Security systems
  • IP video
  • HDMI extension systems
  • USB systems

Some cameras allow you to use stream using multiple outputs at once. This gives you more options for audience viewing.

This is also a camera that has several advantages within a CCTV system as a surveillance camera, as well as in photography, let’s mention some advantages below:

There are several manufacturers working with this camera model, so before making your purchase, be sure to search. These cameras are capable of recording videos in great color and image quality. They have wide-range zoom and their open angles make them very useful for events, lectures and conferences.

Newer cameras do not need to be installed in a specific location, as they have support for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and transmission IP, which makes it possible for an RJ-45LAN cable to be used as a power supply. Therefore, they can be installed both on a table and on the ceiling.

The PTZ camera properly installed at a strategic point you can reduce the possibilities of blind spots in your CCTV system if a controller table (Joystick) is installed you can operate through your PAN/TILT/ZOOM system so that it makes round as the user determines. The operator or user may at any time exit the scheduled round functions to direct the camera lens to a suspicious movement.

Nowadays we already have available in the electronic security market some PTZ cameras that have an infrared cannon that allows it greater clarity even with little or no ambient LIGHT.

The recommendation we pass on to installations for this type of camera is that they be installed in high places, because this way you will have a clean and wide image of the environment, the best applications for this type of camera are outdoors.

Benefits of PTZ cameras

There are many benefits to using a PTZ zoom camera.

Ability to Monitor a Large Area

PTZ cameras can cover large areas, making them ideal for live streaming big events or sports. In addition, they can capture more of the action without having to invest in additional equipment.

The camera’s ability to zoom, pan and tilt also help you capture exactly what you want. To cover the same amount of space with a fixed camera would be costly and complex.

Remote Control of the Camera Function

Another great advantage of a PTZ camera is its ability to be controlled remotely. IP PTZ cameras can be controlled via your network and will also connect to streaming services, like YouTube or Facebook. Other PTZ cameras have a remote control pad and joystick that allow you to control the camera’s function that way.

Of course, IP cameras have an advantage because the camera operator can be located virtually anywhere.

Remote control function makes it easier to record or stream your session. Even those with minimal or no camera operating experience will find it easy to use a PTZ camera.

Pre-Programmed Functions

PTZ cameras can also use presets or pre-programmed functions to follow a specific pattern of tilting, zooming or panning.

If the streaming or recording sessions generally take place in the same room and follow the same patterns – like with video conferencing or church services – these pre-programmed functions can save you time while ensuring that your audience doesn’t miss out on a moment of the event.

These preset functions can be activated with the click of a button to streamline the process. Then, when needed, you can tweak these functions quickly and easily.

Transition Between Cameras

Whether you’re recording an event or live streaming, PTZ cameras make it easy to transition between multiple cameras. Seamless transitions mean that you capture events from different angles or even cut away to different rooms or people without missing a beat.

Easy transitioning between cameras will help make your recording or live stream look and feel more professional.

High-Definition Streaming and Recording

With a PTZ camera, you can live stream and record video in high-definition. In addition, many of these cameras can support 4K recording and streaming, allowing you to deliver a crisp, clear picture every time.

High-definition recording and streaming are one of the biggest advantages of PTZ cameras.

Disadvantages of PTZ cameras

While there are many advantages of PTZ cameras, there are also some disadvantages that you need to consider.

Higher Cost

In general, PTZ cameras are more expensive than regular, fixed cameras. That’s because they have more complex features and functionality.

The ability to record and stream in 4K also contributes to the higher price tag.

Higher Risk of Malfunction

Because these robotic cameras are so complex and have many mechanical parts, the risk of malfunction or failure is higher compared to other camera options.

It’s important to weigh the risk of failure against the cons of fixed or traditional cameras that are more limited in terms of panning, tilting and zooming.


The best PTZ camera can take your live streaming, video conferencing or video production to the next level. First, however, like with any other product, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks of these cameras to determine whether they’re a good fit for your needs.