Knowhow: the 4 ‘must have’ travel gadgets you need

travel gadgets

This guide outlines the four most useful travel gadgets you should take on your next trip.

The whole objective behind traveling is to connect. This is whether the focus is towards harnessing your social relationships, creating opportunities to learn and grow as an individual or form some commitment and bond. Essentially, it’s about connecting with yourself, others, and the world around you.

To make the experience more engaging, outgoing, and adventurous, many travelers value the more physical aspect of being present. So, instead of, for instance, only having your regular gambling experience through an online casino while traveling, you may choose to also visit a destination’s popular brick-and-mortar casino. Being present makes it meaningful. 

Do you need technology?

In cases like these where the experience is meant to be intentional, many believe that avoiding electronic and technological travel gadgets and platforms is key to making the traveler feel more present and involved. So, some travelers will then resort to being completely disconnected from the outside world by switching off their phones, laptops, and the likes. 

But what’s the true essence of technology? To make life more convenient and easier. There are gadgets presently available that can help you achieve your ideal trip while still having the convenience and ease of making the most out of your experience and save the best moments. 

Let’s have a look at four important travel gadgets that you must have on your next trip that will certainly make the experience more worthwhile. 

4 must have travel gadgets


Relaxed travel experiences always call for some reading time. Whether it be on a special afternoon or during your plane ride, reading can be a fantastic way to take time out and learn something new or get engulfed in another world. 

Though it may be logical to pack a hardcopy book, e-readers like Kindle e-readers can be an effective and convenient choice of travel gadgets to save up on some luggage space. By opting for an e-reader, you allow yourself the advantage of having a tool on hand that is waterproof, slim, and compact for travel packing. Take it anywhere you want, including the poolside or beach, and enjoy an unlimited collection of all the books you’d want to read. This way, you won’t need to have an e-book on your phone or laptop.


A part of having the most memorable trip includes saving the memories. And since you might have imposed a zero-tolerance for any mobile device, you may feel conflicted if your mobile device happens to be the only thing you can use to take pictures and create videos. 

But that’s where camcorders come in as useful travel gadgets. It’s a self-contained mobile device that primarily works to create videos. They’re exceptionally easy to use and have a lot of space to create content on. You have several functions readily available to get the best video quality through high-definition videography. You can enjoy convenient setting features like time-lapse modes, and you can also delight in knowing that some camcorders are waterproof. 

Off-Grid Devices

If you happen to be traveling with others, communicating with them is necessary. And even though you might groan at the thought of perhaps needing mobile devices to be active to achieve this, there are other travel gadgets you can make use of to stay in touch with no data or need for cellphones.

Off-grid devices are there to achieve this where you can connect with others by sharing texts and locations with other travelers who also have the device. Think of how handy this can come in for those hiking trips. It’s a convenient tool to use without a stable connection or travel router. 

Foldable Solar Lights

Camping and the outdoors may have you in quite a few dark places now and then. A folding solar light may be perfect for you for an excellent light source. Unlike your traditional torches, inflatable solar lights can be folded into smaller sizes, making them lightweight, and you have the advantage of having up to 16 hours of light from leaving it in the sun for 6 to 7 hours. No electricity or charging is needed for these handy travel gadgets. 


With the right travel gadgets, you can have the best of both worlds with the help of technology. So, the next time you want to travel, you can give the tools above some consideration.