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Knowhow: studying strategies for busy parents

studying strategies

This guide outlines several smart studying strategies that will allow busy parents to continue their education.

Time management is one of the most common issues for students today. A lot of college students are already working to support their own education, but even more, are struggling with balancing school work and family life.

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities, which can be hard to juggle together with studying or working towards your degree. However, it is not an impossible feat. With the following studying strategies, you will be able to balance your studies with being a mother.

Studying strategies for parents

These are some smart studying strategies for busy parents on how to manage parenthood with their studies.

Have a Detailed Schedule

Having a detailed schedule is very useful as one of the key studying strategies for parents who are studying. It helps them to plan and manage their time accordingly and prioritize the work they need to do so that everything can be done in time for them to move on to the next step. This method helps busy parents because it relieves them of unnecessary stress and worry of missing important things and lessons. This is one of the most useful tips for busy moms to continue their studies.

Explore Remote Options

In our modern society time is a very valuable commodity. Among other things, this means that most people have no spare time to study or do research at a university. To be honest, many people will say they simply don’t have the chance. Sometimes it’s not easy for these people to continue their education unless they explore remote and online programs as one of their studying strategies.

There are many other reasons why people can’t find time to study. But increasingly, programs such as 1 year PhD programs online can be very good for professionals looking for new challenges in their career since online programs are gaining more and more popularity. That’s because they allow the students to acquire the necessary skills at a faster pace, have more time for themselves and family much more than traditional university studies.

Use a Planner

Studying while raising a family is quite challenging, but there are some things you can do to balance it. As one of the key studying strategies, you should use a weekly schedule planner to help keep track of your schedule. If you have small children then you are familiar with the constant errands that need to be done on a daily basis. After dinner, you have to pick up your kids from school, take them home and perhaps even put them to bed. Then there is housework that needs to be done as well as preparing for the next day. You have no time left to just sit down and study.

Finding a way to manage all those errands may seem impossible but something like scheduling might help. You have to leave work early for your kids, so you should use the time wisely. Instead of sitting in traffic on your way home, study while driving. While waiting at the doctor’s office or driving to school drop-off, take the opportunity to study. You can even go over some notes during breaks at work. A planner would be helpful in figuring out when you can study or do something productive.

Include Your Kids

If all else fails with other studying strategies, take your kids with you when it’s time to study. Get comfy on the couch with some snacks and drinks for yourself and your little ones. Children tend to learn quicker especially if they are interested in what their parents are studying. Whether they ask questions or just hang around, you will surely be able to learn a thing or two from them.

Children can also help parents by getting rid of distractions such as noisy neighbors and by being the person who reminds her when it’s time to take a break or go do groceries. There are so many ways your children can help you study without distracting you or driving you too crazy.

Find a Quiet Spot

A successful parent is one who still finds time for themself. In this hectic world of today, finding some quiet time for yourself can be almost impossible to do, but it is vital if you wish to stay sane. If finding the time isn’t difficult enough, finding a place where you can get your studies done is even more difficult!

One of the best studying strategies is finding somewhere quiet. This might be very hard, especially with children running around the house, or with chores, you still need to do, but if you can’t find a proper place like this at home why not look elsewhere? Libraries are always good places where people usually go to get their head down and study, but if that’s too crowded for you then there are plenty of other places where it’s possible to find a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Use Your Support Network

Your network is full of people that want to help you. It includes family and friends, colleagues, and other individuals that can assist your studying strategies. No matter what problem you face in life they will gladly assist in whatever way they can if you just ask them.

  • Let People Contribute In Their Own Way
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Others For Assistance

Establish Quality Time

It is very common for college students to be so busy with their studies that they easily neglect family and friends. In most cases, students who have a family will have difficulty managing the demands of work and school – this leaves them no time left for quality time with their families. 

To help busy parents continue their studies while still being able to spend time with their families, it is necessary to prioritize and spend quality time with them. This can be done by planning out the week and designating certain days for each family member. This will help busy parents establish quality time and give everyone what they want – which is definitely something that every parent should aim to do.


If you are a busy parent and want to continue your studies, don’t give up. There may be lots of things that hinder you from going to schools such as work schedule, family fun activities, and lack of resources. The above-highlighted studying strategies are ways on how you can attend college without giving up your job or sacrificing time with the kids.