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Knowhow: how often to clean carpets properly

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You probably vacuum your carpets on a regular basis, but how often should you clean carpets properly with a professional cleaner?

Carpets are exposed to numerous stresses every day. Careful cleaning is particularly important. Regular vacuuming should go without saying. Stain removal often works with grandma’s old home remedies. But at some point it is time to give the carpet special care. Because not all stains can be removed permanently.

Then there are stuck smells and of course the dirt that is hidden in the depths of the carpet pile, invisible to the eyes. It cannot be removed with conventional vacuum cleaners. If you were to use a microscope and risk a close look into the fibers, completely different things would come to light: Dust mites and possibly even moths and other pests populate the carpet. They create an unhealthy indoor climate,

Regular professional cleaning ensures your home remains presentable and clean. Through this process, you keep dust and allergens at bay whereas maintaining your flooring covers cleaner for the longest time possible. Nevertheless, you could be wondering how long your carpets should take before professional cleaning. And also the reasons why properly clean carpets are important.

Clean carpets: why is cleaning important?

Getting expert-grade carpet cleaning Sutton services results in a newer life and look to old floor covering. While you will have no one-size-fits-all solution regarding how often to clean your carpets professionally, the answer might be determined by the importance you desire. Everything will boil down to the occupants and the individual household.

One key thing is that if you take care of your carpet properly, a single deep cleaning will extend your flooring’s lifetime, you can achieve this by following the recommended cleaning tips from your product’s manufacturer. Regular cleaning as often as you can with the right tools and skills will guarantee the best results. In addition, wiping food or liquid spills, or stains right away eliminates the staining, smells, or discolorations.

When is it time again?

A carpet inevitably gets dirty over the years – no matter how well cared for it. We recommend cleaning every two to ten years . The cleaning interval is very high and cannot be determined across the board. Depending on use, dirt and color, the recommendations vary further. All hand-knotted carpets are washed and finished before they are sold. This process protects the fibers and gives the carpets a soft feel and a noble sheen.

Carpets in the entrance area have a tough job, especially in winter. The first dirt is carried into the house with dirty, wet shoes. Fortunately, the carpet catches this dirt and binds it in place. These carpets are mostly dark and the dirt is mostly difficult to see due to the color and the patterns. These carpets should be professionally cleaned every two years so that they can fulfill their important function in the house entrance and continue to give pleasure for a long time.

Carpets in the dining area are also always exposed to a relatively high risk. Leftover food and crumbs quickly soil the soft pile of carpets. These carpets should also be cleaned at an early stage so that the dirt can “still” be removed. A rhythm of every 4-6 years is recommended.

Professional carpet services recommend having carpets cleaned every three to five years. Strictly speaking, it has to be a wash in which the carpets are treated with water and mild detergents. In a multi-stage process, the carpets are washed and then dried so that the dirt is removed from the depths of the carpet fibers.

Clean carpets can meet warranties

Most carpeting manufacturers emphasize the need for cleaning carpets once every year using hot water extraction and steam cleaner or hot water extraction. Check your warranty and adhere to the indicated cleaning schedule and instructions for better outcomes. Ensure your service provider has enough experience while working towards keeping you in compliance with your warranty requirements.

Clean carpets are healthier for the family

Your family size, especially the number and age of children residing in your household equates to the carpeting spills and stains. A larger family likewise implies a higher foot traffic within your home’s living areas, which often breaks down and tears the fibers. In addition, with younger children you will have a lot of spills while older children potentially bring a lot of dirt inside after exploring outside. Families having kids must clean the carpeting after approximately 9 months, however this can be more often in case you can see much staining on your flooring cover.

If your homes have adults only means being gentle on your carpeting, and that would mean going up to two years before professional deep cleaning is needed. With a larger household, comprising more children and adults, the more you will require carpet cleaning.

Pet stains and pet hair should be deep cleaned out

Homeowners who are pet lovers must always be ready for falling pet hairs. In addition, Older or young pets sometimes develop bladder problems contributing to flooring stains. Again, the dog or cat hairs fall into your carpeting fibers without being easily noticed. And when your pets come back after walking outside, the paws are likely to carry debris and dust that will undoubtedly enter deep into your carpets. Things may worsen if you have some sensitive family members who may develop allergic reactions. That can be prevented by professionally cleaning the carpet between 6 – 12 months for a cleaner home.


In conclusion, undoubtedly, deep cleaning brings numerous advantages to your carpets and flooring. Your household will gain the benefits from deep cleaning when you consider the different factors impacting your cleaning frequency. The extra attention will provide the fresh scent by eliminating any odors and dirt. Consequently, this process promotes your family member’s health and extends your covering’s life.

However, considering the professional and commercial carpet cleaning Sutton provider will reduce this day-to-day hustle and prevent your need to clean your home regularly. By removing dirt, allergens, and dust, you will feel very comfortable with your clean carpeting!