Knowhow: Casino bonuses for returning players explained

casino bonuses

As a human species, we can’t say no to a good deal. Online casinos understand this fact extremely well. That’s why they offer numerous casino bonuses and promotions that are meant to attract new players but also keep the existing ones interested.

If you’ve ever looked at casino bonuses for returning players, you’ve probably noticed that they vary from one place to another. That being said, most casinos will offer similar bonuses where only the percentages will vary.

Should you be one of the lucky few to hit one bonus after the other, you could put that extra money toward building your dream home or buying a new sports car. As for the bonuses you should keep in mind, here’s what they are.

Types of casino bonuses for returning players

Before you read our list of the different bonuses and make the decision about which one seems like the perfect solution for some extra cash, you should first understand that casino promotions can sometimes come with different limitations.

Free spins that tie you to a particular slot, winning and being unable to withdraw the funds, and receiving a bonus only after meeting countless requirements are only a few limitations casinos could place on their players.

Thus, it’s always a good rule of thumb to read the Terms & Conditions section of the website first. Only then should you focus on chasing one of the following casino bonuses for regular players.

1.    VIP or loyalty program

If you are a regular player in any online casino out there, it would be best to look into joining their VIP or loyalty program, if they have one. These programs are made for high-rollers and/or regular players. It’s a casino’s way to show their gratitude and reward those who deserve it.

There’s no telling how much you can get after joining a VIP or loyalty program, as every casino has its own benefits. What you will usually be able to see is that online casinos will offer:

  • Cash offers as a reward for joining
  • Financial incentives after spending a certain sum of money
  • Getting access to restricted games
  • Cashback incentives that can go up to 20%

In case you are someone who views gambling as a hobby and is pretty regular at it, you should look for a casino whose VIP program will provide you with the greatest benefits. Manually searching the web for one can be a bit tedious if you don’t know where to look – or what to look for.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to rely on websites such as time2play.com, as they take it upon themselves to review the best casinos in Canada and help you find a good match. You’ll have a clear overview of what it is that different places offer, which will make your decision significantly easier.

2.    Second and third deposit bonuses

Almost every online casino will offer a welcome bonus. It’s their way of enticing new people to join their ranks. And a significant portion of those casinos will understand how important it is to give back to their existing players. That’s why second and third deposit bonuses are among the most common casino bonuses for returning players.

These bonuses are pretty self-explanatory. Once you deposit money to your casino account for the second or third time, the casino will most often reward you with bonus money. Usually, you will be free to spend that bonus money as you see fit, although sometimes, you will be restricted to certain slots only.

Of course, apart from checking that you can actually spend that bonus as you like, it’s very much a necessity to ensure that a casino is a safe place for you to be. It’s very easy for your information to end up in an undesirable online environment and be used for rather unwelcome purposes.

3.    Free spins

When it comes to the most common casino bonuses for returning players, free spins have to top the list. They are sometimes given as part of the package for second and third deposit bonuses, but they can also be given out on their own. Generally, you can get 10, 50, 100, or even 200 free spins on your favorite slot machines, depending on the casino in question, and the wins would not be restricted.

Unfortunately, some casinos could put certain limitations on this bonus, as well. You might only be able to use your free spins for particular slots, which don’t necessarily have to be your favorite ones. They also draw a small amount of money in wagers, and you can cash out real money after accepting wager terms.

That’s why we always advise players to read the Terms & Conditions section well, even before signing up. Careful research can reveal a lot of the things you might not have been aware of, including whether you come from an area where gambling is prohibited.

Luckily, casino games are completely legal in Canada, allowing our fellow Canadians to indulge in their favorite hobby. But if you are trying to get a hold of the best casino bonuses, know that they might be out of your reach, as there are many countries where gambling is illegal. The last thing you need is to inadvertently break the law.


As always, it’s best to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations if you have friends who are also avid gamblers. But if you don’t, you can use the vast potential of the Internet in order to spot the casinos that seem to give the most to their loyal players. Browse through their Bonus and Promotions page/pages, and check their benefits.

If you think that you have spotted a casino that could be ‘the one,’ then by all means, check the Terms & Conditions portion of their website. If it turns out that they don’t have unfavorable restrictions on the bonuses they offer, then you can proceed to make an account and sign-up. We hope that will mark the beginning of well-utilized casino bonuses for returning players.