Knowhow: Boxer dog temperament, personality and characteristics

boxer dog temperament (1)

We outline boxer dog temperament, personality and characteristics you need to know if you are considering the breed as a pet.

boxer dog temperament (1)

Most of us are unaware that the domesticated dogs that we have grown to love for generations are all members of the Canis familiaris. This isolates them from wild canines like wolves, coyotes, and others. Even though these animals can vary radically in their looks, they all come from the same species. They are household pets, but many different breeds are fit to make it alone outside of the home comfort. 

Selective breeding between dogs is a product of careful selection that started 9 500 years ago in hopes of generating canines that can work and survive during terrible weather conditions. Mixing animals with beneficial characteristics can produce a better-looking and behaving pet. Different breeds are produced to make them more alluring as human companions. 

People don’t rely on them as much as they did in the past, but they are still numerous jobs that they are used for. Their sense of smell is very developed, so they help the police by tracking down explosives, drugs, even people. They help search parties upon catastrophic events or missing individuals. Others help people that are blind, old, or even accompany people in the courtroom to face their attackers while testifying. 

There are different types of breeds in the dog world. There are small, big, hairless, hypoallergenic, and even emotional support types of canines. They can vary in size, breed, energy level, friendliness, grooming requirements, and even ease of training. There are more than 200 types of canines currently. 

Boxer dog’s general characteristics

The boxer we are so used to today has been produced during the nineteenth century in Germany. It was known for its trademark boxing on its legs with its front little paws. They come from a type of mastiff dogs, and they were used to hunt, fight and bait. They love playing with youngsters because they are high-energy canines with great excitement levels. They love being the center of any room and are expected to live anywhere from 11 to 13 years. They are in general very healthy and spirited. Check this out:

Boxer dog temperament

Their main purpose once upon a time was being a household guard of medium size. Nowadays, their pet owners get them as loving companions with their high-energy levels. So, if you are looking for an exercise buddy this is the perfect pet for you. They are confident, tireless, and extremely loving. 

As younger ones, the boxer dog temperament can be somewhat wild and unruly, but they are amazing guard dogs with a lot of courage. They are so trustworthy, loving, friendly and they are so kid and pet friendly. They love people and playing games so you should get familiar with constantly fetching them some toys.

They are so independent and strong-willed, but they get separation anxiety if you leave them alone for longer periods of time. Even though they are nice and adorable they are also suspicious of strangers coming into your home. For more information click here.

General information about their health

As a pet owner, the biggest concern is the health and proper food nutrition for your pet. You want to take good care of them so you can prolong your time with them as much as possible. Some preventive plan concerning the health of your canine is necessary so you can prevent some of the predictable risks. As you most surely know, different breeds have different hereditary health conditions and medical issues that they are susceptible to. 

Boxers can be impacted by some medical issues that are characteristic for them. You can research or get that information by consulting your veterinarian. Them being experts could give you advice on possible preventing tactics and needs that you might not find online. This doesn’t mean that your animal will most surely develop these problems, it just implies that they are keener to develop them in contrast to others.

General health information is extremely crucial to know not just for you but for all pet owners. If you see the symptoms and notice some signs of those problems, then you are on the right track to preventing bigger issues. That information generates a preventive plan to look for and anticipate dangers. This will help you be more watchful of any signs of trouble and take the finest possible care. You can do more research on this holistapet dog breed to find out if it is the right fit for your home.

Possible medical issues 

Relatively few things can affect your canine’s quality of living as some of these things like sight problems. They can foster eye illnesses that can cause blindness if you do not treat it immediately. They can also be vulnerable to skin conditions that can cause rashes, redness, and even tingling to the whole body. Research into appropriate shampoos for them is a must because their skin can be hypersensitive. You don’t want them itching and smelling bad because of something that can be treated. 

Other possible medical concerns include small respiratory problems because of the size of their nose. Bone and ligament issues are known if their diet is not proper and if they are not exercised enough. Boxers being overweight is a serious issue that can affect heart disease, backache and even cause digestive problems.  If you want to make sure that your dog is as healthy as possible, get it from a reputable breeder like Infinity Pups. There you’ll find only the best Boxer puppies for sale.

Proper diet and routine for your boxer dog

A high-quality diet needs to be adjusted for the canine’s age. The diet needs to be steady and reliable, meaning the meals need to be planned and executed around the same time every day. You shouldn’t give your dog the food you eat. They need to be exercised, hydrated and walked regularly. Make sure you bathe them once a week. Regular checkups at your vet are a must.