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Knowhow: benefits of prescription glasses vs magnifiers

prescription glasses

This guide outlines the advantages of wearing prescription glasses instead of harmful magnifiers.

You may need to wear prescription glasses to correct your vision. Eyeglasses not only correct your vision and protect your eyes, but with all the styles available today, you can choose frames that enhance your appearance and express your personality. Prescription glasses are comfortable to wear with lightweight frames, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. 

Benefits of prescription glasses

  1. Correct your vision

If you’re experiencing headaches and problems with your eyes, it could be because you can’t see properly. Various eye conditions can compromise your vision which is why eye exams are important. Optometrists test your vision so they can prescribe the right lenses for you to help correct it. You have to read letters on a special eye chart that gets smaller and smaller towards the bottom of the chart. 

If you have difficulty seeing objects that are far away, you are nearsighted (myopic). You can still see objects that are close by. What’s in the distance can appear fuzzy because the physical length of the eye is longer than the optical length. The visual image is focused in front of the retina instead of directly on it. Convex lenses can help to focus the image in the right place. 

Your problem may be that you have difficulty reading and seeing objects up close. This means you are farsighted. The visual image is focused behind the retina. Concave lenses can help to correct farsightedness. You will need to wear your glasses for reading. 

The best online providers offer same day prescription glasses when you need to replace your lenses quickly. You can ship your frame to them so they can replace the lenses speedily and return them to you. 

  1. Protect your eyes

When you wear eyeglasses, they offer some protection to your eyes from dust and debris. This can reduce eye irritation and even possible damage to your cornea. Advances in technology, in general, have also led to changes in eyecare technology, and you can make many additions to your eyeglasses to better protect your eyes. 

For example, transition lenses darken when exposed to the sun’s UV rays and lighten when inside. If you choose lenses that filter UV rays, they can protect your eyes by filtering the damaging UV rays from the sun. 

  1. Enhance your appearance

There is no longer a stigma to wearing prescription glasses, thanks to the wide range of designs and colors of frames available today. Some people who don’t even have vision problems choose to wear clear eyeglasses as a fashion statement. The type of prescription eyeglasses you wear can make a statement about your style. They can reflect your personality and who you are. 

Keeping your face shape in mind is important when choosing eyeglasses. You need to choose frames that suit your face shape. The frames can disguise the fact that you have a square face or a wide forehead. If you have a round face, selecting square frames can balance out the roundness. The color of a frame can accentuate your eye color. 

  1. Enjoy comfort and convenience

Wearing eyeglasses is often so comfortable that you eventually become unaware that you’re wearing them. The latest frames have many features that make them more comfortable than ever, such as designs that are streamlined and offer a great fit. Nose pads can prevent the eyeglasses from putting pressure on the bridge of your nose. 

Frames are also made from lightweight materials, making them easier to wear. You can also choose from a variety of coatings for your lenses that offer more comfort, such as a coating that offers protection against the blue lights of digital devices. Your eyes will be less tired at the end of the day, and you will sleep better as the blue light can interfere with your sleep patterns. Eyeglasses can also have anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, which decrease discomfort and increase visual acuity. 

  1. Experience cost-efficiency with an online order

Great eyewear doesn’t have to be ultra-expensive. You can go online today, compare prices and look for special deals. Factors that influence the cost include the frames you choose, the type of lenses you need and the coatings you select. Where you purchase your eyeglasses can also make a difference. Unlike contact lenses, frames can last for years before they need to be replaced.

Buying from an online store is more affordable than buying from a retail store. You may need some in-person assistance if you have a complex prescription, but if your prescription is straightforward, the process of buying from an online store is easy. 

Frames come in a variety of materials, such as plastic and metal, all of which have different costs. Plastic frames are probably the most affordable, and they are durable, especially if they have a scratch-resistant coating. Metal frames are more expensive than plastic ones, but they are lightweight, strong and flexible.