How Victorian decor in home design is strongly trending

Victorian decor

This guide outlines the evergreen factors of Victorian decor that are increasingly trending for home design.

Victorian decor: overview

Victorian decor was a decorative style associated with high status during the Victorian era. It featured rooms with a combination of historical styles, opulent furnishings, lots of flowers and patterns, rich colors, tapestries, and sentimental drawings and pictures. The context behind the Victorian style was ornamental excessiveness.

Victorian decor trends

The style rose to prominence during Queen Victoria’s era, and that is how its name came to be. Although the Victorian decor might have been prominent in the 19th century, it is also considered a fashionable style today. How so? Below are some of the main reasons.

Its Uniqueness, Comfort, and Luxury

The Victorian style is very prominent today because of how unique it is. Many homeowners and interior decorators are now using this style to add a touch of luxury to different spaces. In addition, the Victorian decor was associated with class, which many people look for in a space. Materials like marble are used in many spaces today, and they were some of the most sought after in the Victorian era. The distinctive design choices made and still make spaces unique.

Many modern styles major a lot on minimalism, but in recent times, people are taking on a softer approach through the Victorian decor. This is mainly because people now stay at home more and want a more comfortable and luxurious setting.

Victorian decor oozes comfort and luxury. These two aspects are evident on couches and upholstered items made from materials like velvet. Velvet introduces a softening element to design visually and upon touch.

Easy Adaptability

Any home can incorporate the Victorian style, and it would still look great. Those who want to give their homes an antique or vintage look can attain that using Victorian style. Based on what someone wants, they can select between reproduction or genuine antique styles.

The Victorian decor can also be adapted to almost any space. For example, those with big lounge doors can use Victorian doors, which will give the space an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere and add character. Victorian doors are beautiful, but they are also functional and durable. They are made with solid wood and can be styled differently to fit into any interior.

The Victorian decor can also be incorporated in an open floor plan bedroom to give an aesthetic look.

Today, people want spaces that reflect their personality, and the Victorian style makes that easy. Careful consideration can allow anyone to incorporate the style to suit their personality. Victorian decor was sentimental, as displayed by elaborate paintings, and it showcased personal tastes. That is how many people are doing it today, for example, using gallery walls. What is more, the bigger the piece or painting, the better.

The Preference for Warmer Color Tones

Cool colors like greys have been favorites among decorators of the 21st century. However, many are now shifting from these tones and opting for more warm tones. In addition, many people now have knickknacks and other space details with warm colors. For example, the classic gold tone is one of today’s trendy colors.

Warm colors are bright, and they display some opulence associated with Victorian decor. The warm colors associated with the Victorian style are now being used to create double color impacts on spaces. Accent walls and walls with individual color schemes are prevalent today. Embracing color is an aspect of the Victorian style.

Love for Patterns

Patterns have become even more prevalent recently, with many decorators now opting for bold patterns, such as wallpapers or fabrics. The more repetitive pattern preference can be drawn from the Victorian decor. Those who used the design style were enamored with pattern- the wallpapers used then had curvaceous and repetitive patterns, and they could also favor florals and foliage. These exact patterns are trendy today.

The Rise of Neo-Victorianism

Neo-Victorianism is a central concept in interior design in 2022, and it was born from the Victorian style. This interior design is notable for employing mixed styles. It has dramatic features, lots of details, and mixes patterns.

The style takes more of the Victorian decor designs but uses them in a more subtle and refined manner to eliminate the very “busy” look. A lot of the ornamentation is stripped back, but the style stays true to the Victorian style’s furniture styles and color schemes.

Neo-Victorianism is a component of the maximalism trend, and it is an undercurrent in today’s design society that is gradually converting minimalism into something more. As a result, it is gaining much popularity.

Final Thoughts

Many people are still fascinated by Victorian decor. It is a classic and timeless style. The style has stood the test of time, and many stylists and homeowners are still exploring it. Regardless of one’s primary style, elements of Victorian decor somehow still seem to make their way.