How to winterproof a car with home remedies

winterproof a car with home remedies

How can a you winterproof a car with home remedies instead of expensive branded chemical mixtures? Our guide outlines how to use baby powder, fuel spirits, table salt or even walnuts

 Cheap home remedies help to prevent fogged windows or frozen doors.  Home remedies such as baby powder, fuel spirits, table salt or even walnuts can replace expensive specialty products that make the car winter-proof. The Royal Automobile Club of Great Britain points this out, and gave us some handy tips.

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Ways to winterproof a car with home remedies

Use diluted alcohol spirit as a glass cleaner

For example, water-diluted fuel spirits — also known as ethyl alcohol or mehtolated spirits — are just as suitable as glass cleaners from the supermarket for cleaning the inside of the car windows. Often, the air conditioning and ventilation have created a fine covering over the summer. 

Do not allow both agents to dry too much on the glass of the windows, but rub off immediately after application and wipe dry with a clean and absorbent cloth.

Walnuts prevent fogged glass

The clear view through the windows is especially important in the dark time of the year: This minimizes the glare of light sources as well as headlights of other cars. In addition, clean discs are less easily fogged.

Fogged discs before driving can also be avoided by wrapping walnuts in a linen cloth and placing them in the footwell of the passenger. The same effect can be enjoyed by using a bowl of table salt, according to the RAC. Another alternative is a dehumidifier from the DIY market. Some of these are available in battery-powered or 12v versions.

Baby powder prevents frozen doors

Other home remedies also replace expensive cleaning products, which are important for car maintenance in autumn: To keep door rubbers supple, you can apply glycerine with a rag or dust the insulation with baby powder. This also reduces moisture in the area that freezes the doors in case of frost.