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How to win Plague Inc: example strategies and expert tips for Plague Inc

how to win plague inc- tips for plague inc

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Outlines how to win Plague Inc, including expert tips for Plague Inc and example strategies for Easy to Brutal and Mega Brutal, plus cheats to help you win.

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Plague Inc. by developer Ndemic Creations is a mobile strategy simulation for iOS and Android. Your goal therein is to create and develop a disease to exterminate all of humanity. 

Understand the mechanics of the game
Choose the correct starting country
Don’t forget to read the news
Reverse engineering random mutations in Plague Inc.
Develop the right skills and resistances
How to increase the lethality of your illness
Proper use of the remedy in Plague Inc.
Don’t forget to modify the gene code
How to win Plague Inc: example strategy from Easy to Brutal
How to win Plague Inc: Example strategy for Mega Brutal

How to beat Plague Inc: Understand the mechanics of the game

how to win plague inc - tips for plague inc

At Plague Inc, you will only win if you develop a disease that will wipe out all of humanity. In order for you to succeed, you have to balance the risk of infection, severity and fatality of your disease well. Because it doesn’t help you if the infected die like flies without spreading the disease.

You won’t win either if you infect the entire population with a mild cold, but nobody dies from it. Because after the first symptoms can be recognized , mankind begins to work on the cure and it quickly becomes close to the global genocide. Therefore your main task is to collect DNA points and use them for proper development of the pathogen .

There are also various pathogens with individual properties. Therefore, at the beginning of a game you should always take a close look at what kind of seed you want to put into the world and align your strategy according to its characteristics. However, the general procedure always remains the same. In the first step you infect the entire population in order to let the disease become fatal in the second step before the cure is finished.

Choose the correct starting country

If you are just starting out with smartphone games, you must first exterminate humanity with the help of a bacterium in order to unlock further game content. A densely populated country with good transport connections is suitable for this. Add to this the questionable hygiene conditions and many animals in the country, and billions of people around the world will quickly be infected before the disease is even noticed.

India or West Africa is an excellent starting point to spread your disease, because of the population density. To get started, we recommend India as a starting country in order to start successfully with Plague Inc. and to infect as many people as possible unnoticed.

Don’t forget to read the news

In every new game there are random events that influence the course of the game. Therefore, always keep an eye on the news and react to changing events. In addition, the messages are entertaining and contribute your share to the unique atmosphere of Plague Inc. at.

Reverse engineering random mutations in Plague Inc.

During the game of the title for iOS and Android devices , random mutations of your illness occur regularly. You should always reverse engineer them, especially at the beginning of the game. With this trick, the disease spreads insidiously without being discovered. In addition, you receive two DNA points for each regression , which you can use in turn to develop the disease according to your ideas.

Plague Inc. Tip for beginners: Always reverse engineer random mutations!
Use the spread overview as an aid

Click on the “World” button at the bottom right and then on the “Data” tab to get to the spread overview. Here you can find a list of all healthy, infected and destroyed countries . Then just look at the characteristics of the healthy lands and modify the disease accordingly.

Develop the right skills and resistances

At Plague Inc. there are innumerable ways and strategies to put an end to humanity. Although there is no patent recipe for the correct further development of the disease, we have a few tricks ready for you that are particularly helpful when getting started. Hold back when developing the symptoms at the start of the game so that the pathogen is not discovered. Instead, use your DNA points to develop the “abilities” of your illness .

Develop drug resistance and cold resistance in Plague Inc.

You should not do without the cold resistance for increased effectiveness in cold climates, otherwise you will quickly fail in the Scandinavian countries or Greenland. Because without resistance to the cold, the disease spreads very slowly in these areas. Drug resistance is also an important skill that your pathogen should not miss in order to spread well in the western world.

How to increase the lethality of your illness

If all countries are infected, it is important to quickly increase the fatality of the disease. For this you should always have a cushion of DNA points on the high edge to develop the symptoms of your illness. The symptom “complete organ failure” is very efficient . To do this, you first develop the symptom “coughing”, followed by “sneezing” and “immunosuppression”, which costs you a total of only 55 DNA points.

Proper use of the remedy in Plague Inc.

As soon as the first deaths occur, global research on the cure begins. If you click on “World” at the bottom right, you can see how long it will probably take until the remedy is finished. The more people die from the epidemic, the slower research is going. If things get tight, you counteract research into the remedy with the skills “gene remodeling” and “genetic hardening” .

Don’t forget to modify the gene code

You will have exterminated humanity quickly if you follow our Plague Inc. tips & tricks. For this you will each receive a gene as a reward, which you can insert into the genetic code of your plague at the beginning of a new game. Don’t forget to use new genes as well, because this will give you important bonuses such as additional DNA points or a higher chance of your disease mutating.

How to win Plague Inc: example strategy from Easy to Brutal

Depending on the level of difficulty, you will need to adjust your strategy. The levels of difficulty from easy to brutal can, however, be mastered well with a single, general strategy. Please note that every game by Plague Inc. will be different and therefore there is no such thing as an absolutely always valid strategy – minimal adjustments must always be made.

  • Start in West Africa or India. Don’t buy anything until you have over 50 DNA Points. Then it is time to develop the transmissions and capabilities of your disease.
  • Buy water 1, air 1, and birds 1 at transmissions. 
  • If you started in India , you can develop rats 1 instead of birds 1 . 
  • The skills should be developing drug resistance 1 by now .
  • IMPORTANT: Enter not all DNA points out at once. If your illness mutates a symptom, stop the game and devolve the symptom in question or your illness will be exposed!
  • Depending on how quickly your disease is spreading, your next step may be to develop water 2 so that you can easily enter Madagascar, Greenland and the Caribbean, especially, as well as Polynesia. 
  • In order to carry your illness to the north and south really quickly , you should now develop heat resistance 1 and cold resistance 1, and cold resistance 2 should you evolve.
  • If your disease spreads very slowly in rich industrial countries (USA, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.) you can still develop drug resistance 2 here . 
  • Now that your disease can easily infiltrate any country, wait and see and devolve any symptoms that appear. 
  • Note: Genes that you can unlock help you to shape your illness significantly differently! The “inactivity” gene allows you to create a disease that mutates considerably less often!
  • If your disease has infected the whole world, things really start. Before you develop symptoms, make sure you have enough points!
  • 60 DNA points are necessary for this combination: Genetic Hardening 1 (to protect your illness), cough, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis and complete organ failure.
  • Counter the attempts to cure your illness by adding remaining DNA points to Genetic Hardening 2 . If your budget allows, purchase the different levels of Genomorph 1-3 skill to reset research progress. 
  • Gene remodeling is more effective the more progress has been made with the remedy ; it is advisable to wait 30 percent with it. Genetic hardening works the other way around, the earlier, the more effective.
  • Now you can wait for a cloak of silence to fall over the world.

How to win Plague Inc: Example strategy for Mega Brutal

The highest level of difficulty behaves a little differently than the others. The problem here is that the disease is often discovered long before it can be made really fatal. Although the principle of “keeping your head down” and staying as inconspicuous as possible for as long as possible also applies here in order to infect difficult countries such as Greenland or Madagascar unnoticed, there are still a few adjustments to be made.

  • The prevailing opinion in the community around Plague Inc. is that Saudi Arabia is a good starting point for Mega Brutal. 
  • It is in the center of the world map, has both air and sea traffic, and generally heavy traffic that continues around the world, making it easy to spread the disease evenly.
  • Also, there aren’t too many people in Saudi Arabia, which makes it easier for the disease to spread. 
  • Note: The more people living there, the more people need to be infected in one country for the disease to spread to other countries.
  • You definitely want to evolve Drug Resistance 1 and Genetic Hardening as soon as possible to make healing research as difficult as possible.
  • Make sure you always consider your disease more infectious than fatal . So it is possible that you infect people faster than you kill them. 
  • This strategy is particularly helpful when the disease has already been discovered and the search for a cure has begun. The faster you exterminate people, the less there is left to look for a cure.
  • Anemia, rash, and skin lesions can help infect hard-to-infect countries like Greenland or Madagascar .
  • Complete organ failure and immunosuppression are particularly suitable for high mortality.
  • If, in spite of all caution, you have been discovered and research into the cure is proceeding rapidly (this can happen quickly, especially with the virus), you should develop madness, paralysis, dysentery and diarrheathe people who make research as difficult as possible.
  • Avoid sleep disorder. It makes it unnecessarily difficult to enforce lethality.
  • If an island like Iceland, Greenland or Madagascar closes its doors before you can infect it, restart the game. Once that happens, it is impossible to infect these countries.
  • By the way: If none of this helps, there are also cheats for the game.