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How to wash a cat — and survive

Wash cat

Cats and water are not a good combination in many households, so washing is all the more difficult. This is how to wash a cat — and live to tell the tale.

How to wash a cat – preparations
Since it may be dangerous for you if the cat reacts unpredictably, you should prepare accordingly. But also the bathroom needs to be prepared:

First you should cut the claws of the cat. If you have less sharp and long claws, it is much safer for your bathroom and your hands and arms. Scratched skin is always a major threat to possible infections.

Before you start washing, it is important to put on a strong and firm glove on the washing hand. This also protects you from scratches. On the other hand, you should not wear a glove, as you have to hold the cat with it. Protective goggles are also useful to protect you from bathing water or even the cat itself.

To keep your cat from injuring or slipping, use non-slip mats to place the bathtub or where you want to wash your cat. It is also important that you close the door so that the cat can not run away. In addition, you should take a few inches of warm water into the tub. Washing yourself with warm water from a watering can, a jet from the shower head is often too strong. Therefore, you should slowly and with little water from the watering can.

Finally, prepare everything so that you can reach it quickly and without long distances. These include the shampoo, the towels and possible other utensils. Since the laundry is very stressful for the cat, you should keep the time as short as possible.

How to wash a cat – tips and information

It is important that you brush off your cat as usual before washing. This will remove tangles in the coat. If you only try it when the coat is wet, it may cause the cat a lot more pain and washing becomes even more difficult.

Go slowly. Carefully put your cat in the warm water, it should not be too hot. Then you start to wash your paws. You should watch how your cat reacts. It is important that you do not try to act with all your strength. This could hurt you and your cat.

For the wash on the head and on the face you should always take a soft washcloth or a soft towel. Everything else is not suitable and provides additional stress when used in this sensitive area.