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How to wash a baseball cap: expert method and tips

wash a baseball cap

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How do you wash a baseball cap without damaging it? Our guide shows you how to easily do this the right way and keep its shape.

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Can I wash a baseball cap Basically, you should wash a cap as rarely as possible so that it lasts long. However, there is no objection to careful cleaning.

Do I have to wash a cap by hand? Laundry in the washing machine is often possible. Over time, however, the cap suffers, so that the gentle hand wash is offered.

What alternative is there for hand washing? You can also wash a baseball cap in the dishwasher. The big advantage is that the dishwasher cleans properly, but does not cause any damage by a slingshot program.

Baseball caps are a fashion trend and are not only in demand by athletes. But what is the use of the most beautiful cap if it is no longer really clean and comes to the fore accordingly?

So it’s time to wash the basecap. We will show you how to do this and which tips you should consider when cleaning.


1. Wash a baseball cap – this is how

The big problem with most caps is that the Visor is often reinforced with cardboard.Although it is covered with fabric, it is still quite sensitive to a complete soak.

But even if the Visor is not reinforced with cardboard, but with plastic, hot water as well as the slingshot in the washing machine attack the seams and the bonding in the cap too much. Therefore, it is better to avoid machine wash, even if it should be possible according to the label.

Tip: How often you should wash a baseball cap depends heavily on individual use. At the least, however, when the cap starts to smell unpleasant, it is time for intensive cleaning.

1.1. Wash a baseball cap by hand – proceed gently

To protect the sensitive materials, manual cleaning is recommended. It is best to use a soft toothbrush as well as some detergent and warm water.
It is best to use liquid detergents as this will dissolve better. 

Dip the toothbrush into the detergent solution and rub in the direction of the fibers. This way, you do not roughen the structure unnecessarily, but achieve a high cleaning performance.

Afterwards, it is important that you wash out the detergent residues. This is best achieved under running cold water. Gently rub over the cap with the toothbrush so that the residues are also removed.

1.2. Clean the cap in the dishwasher

Slightly less gentle, but very effective is washing the cap in the dishwasher.

In case of stubborn stains, a pre-treatment with detergent and a toothbrush is suitable. However, do not wash out the residues, but then place the cap in the dishwasher.

You can either use a matching cap holder or use a pasta sieve so that the cap stays in shape during cleaning.

Do not use dishwasher tabs when cleaning the dishwasher and simply set the device to a pre-rinse program. In this way, a gentle cleaning is carried out, which can be done with relatively little heat.

2. Dry the cap properly after washing

wash a baseball cap

You can also shape the cap on your head after washing.

So that the cap does not lose its shape after the wash, gentle drying is important. Therefore, fix the cap either in a cap holder or clamp the cap over a pasta sieve. Alternatively, you can generously stuff the cap with newsprint. However, this should be changed regularly if it has become too moist.

It is best to place the cap on a towel so that the moisture is absorbed directly. On the other hand, avoid quick drying on the heater or with the hair dryer. There is a great danger that bonding will dissolve or the Visor will dissipate.