How to use the top professionals’ beauty hacks

top professionals' beauty hacks

You do not have to be a pro for a great make-up look. Just work with a few beauty tricks (hacks). And best of all: with some beauty hacks you also save time and money — and hassle! Our guide shows you the top professionals’ beauty hacks.

1: Matt lipstick

Matte lipsticks are absolutely trendy. It is annoying when your favorite lipstick has a different finish. But that’s not a problem, because with a little hack you dull every lipstick. This is one of the top professionals’ beauty hacks for lipstick. Just dab some loose, transparent powder over your lipstick. This makes it super matt and lasts much longer.

2: Lip-bow

This is a great one of the top professionals’ beauty hacks for lip shaping. To make up a perfect lipbow, draw an X in the middle of your upper lip . With this you can then make-up your lip as usual, because in this way the lip arch is emphasized beautifully. More make-up tips for great make-up lips can be found here (

3: Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes always look exciting. They are considered the top evening make-up and this is then one of the top professionals’ beauty hacks. With a little tip, Smokey Eyes can be easily put on make-up. Draw a hashtag # in the outer corner of your eye and blend it.

4: Cat Eye Look

The perfect eyeline is an art in itself. There are countless tutorials on it and yet it just does not work out. However, our Beauty Hack 4 promises a great and consistent result. A spoon creates the cat eye look. With the style you draw the straight, lower line of your eyeliner, with the opposite side the momentum.

5: Mascara

Let’s stay with the spoon. For hack number 5 use the spoon when applying your mascara. Hold it against your eyelid and apply the mascara as normal. Her eyeshadow does not suffer from the mascara because the mascara stripes are on the spoon and do not smudge your make-up. If something goes wrong with your eye make-up, you can use a cotton swab to repair small blemishes without having to remove and reposition everything.

6: Awake maker

With tired eyes, white or beige kohl on the waterline works wonders. He lets your eyes shine and conjures at the same time larger eyes. Black kohl, on the other hand, is ideal for eyelash curling.

7: Contouring

Contouring is on everyone’s lips. It is the targeted use of colors to set shadows and thus to emphasize the facial features perfectly. But in what form must the color be set? It is best to use the number 3 . The number provides a great pattern for the dark nuances. Start at the hairline and draw past the eyebrow, down the cheekbone and back to pull the second arch towards the jaw. At the end, everything is blending well.

8: Concealer

Concealer is often dabbed in the places where it is needed. But rather wear it over a large area in the shape of a triangle below your eye. This wonderfully conceal dark circles and highlight your face perfectly.

9: Busher and rouge

You are finishing your make-up with applying Rouge and find that your blush is too pigmented and it’s just way too much on the cheeks. But do not worry. Before you try to blur the color with your fingers or even remove everything, grab your powder brush and blend the blush with the powder residue on the brush for a natural result.

10: Color

Do you have a great eyeshadow at home that looks packed for a great color but does not give it on the eye? To make eyeshadow stronger and last longer, moisten your brush slightly before going into color. The eye shadow color unfolds its full effect and could now be used as an eyeliner with a suitable brush.