How to use social media for business marketing success

social media for business marketing

This guide outlines success factors when using social media for business marketing strategy, and what to avoid doing.

One of the questions that grips the managers of small businesses, especially those that are just starting up and are entering their target market for the first time, is that of choosing which virtual spaces and social media for business marketing to activate, with the aim of starting to publish valuable content and generate engagement among their audience right away.

Overview: social media for business marketing

Those involved in the management of a new business, in most cases, almost always ask themselves the fateful question ‘which social media for business marketing should I use?’, often going into great confusion in the face of the great choice of virtual platforms and other similar spaces available to each brand.

Many companies, out of laziness, limit themselves to observing the social channels opened by their competitors, faithfully following their example and opening them in turn within the same platforms, even going so far as to imitate their publication style and the type of social media content offered to the public.

Few mistakes would be more serious than this, and for a very precise reason. Trying to imitate the social media for business marketing style of another company, even if it is part of the same sector as you, will immediately preclude you from standing out and proposing new, original content, capable of going beyond the common logic adopted by the competition to experiment with something new, compelling and stimulating for the future.

You will always remain a step behind the others, without the possibility of standing out and having your say in the midst of competition that, as in every sector, is now extremely fierce, so much so as to suffocate from the outset the too timid attempts of the new brands that would like to conquer some slice of the market that is already well covered.

The ability to stand out

The first mistake to be avoided, for new brands wishing to emerge through social media for business marketing communication, is therefore to absolutely avoid following in the footsteps of competitors. The latter should be closely monitored, on a regular basis, but never copied.

The other big mistake that almost all companies make, in the initial phase of their existence, consists precisely in not knowing which social platform to rely on, sometimes opting for random choices dictated by haste, by the desire to place themselves as quickly as possible at the same level of advancement as the other competitors, without pausing to reflect on the characteristics of the individual platforms and the potential for business development in those virtual contexts.

Social media are not all the same. Each one has its own rules, its own history, its own structure, its own specific languages of reference, and it is precisely for this reason that brands should take the time to carefully choose the social platforms on which to launch their social media for business marketing.

All brands should keep in mind that social media profiles, at an early stage, should be chosen according to the company’s immediate goals. If you are at a stage where you want to increase your visibility in an effort to pursue awareness goals, you should definitely opt for social media that can offer large user audiences, such as Facebook or Instagram.

If, on the other hand, your objectives are more specific, as may be the case with B2B strategies, your choice should fall on social media such as LinkedIn, which is mainly dedicated to professionals and companies, or even on those platforms where you will be able to collaborate closely with some influencers, such as Twitch.

Web marketing

These principles do not only apply to social media, but also to all other online spaces that a company might decide to create. Websites, blogs or forums, just like social media, must be founded with a specific purpose in mind, and care must be taken to ensure that this purpose fully coincides with the company’s immediate objectives.

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Before you take any action, or take any personal initiative, make sure you have your social media for business marketing goal clearly in mind. When you have it clearly visualised, everything else will be much easier.

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