How to use salmon oil for cats health

Salmon oil for cats

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Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to be extremely effective in protecting the heart of humans. But do our baby tigers also profit from the regular consumption of omega-3-containing oils? Salmon oil for cats is now known to many, but is salmon oil for cats really good for your cat? Yes, because …

The healthy effects of salmon oil for cats

The very healthy effect of salmon oil is largely due to the omega 3 fatty acids contained in the high-quality oil. Depending on the manufacturer, salmon oil contains about 20% to 30% of omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish oil for cats

But what exactly is so healthy about these fatty acids?

Especially with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, those Omega 3 fatty acids can lead to a permanent improvement of the condition by the salmon oil reduces the inflammation in the body to a minimum.

In addition, when treated with salmon oil and omega 3 fatty acids, the cat usually suffers from fewer allergies. By the way, the salmon oil also strengthens the body’s immune system, which makes the cat much less susceptible to disease.

Another major area of ​​influence is the skin and the associated coat of the cat. The healthy Omega 3 fatty acids not only provide a soft and shiny coat that reflects the health of the cat’s complete organism, but also reduce the cat’s hair loss, which can be particularly beneficial for spring and fall coat changes. 

Salmon oil during feline pregnancy

Even during pregnancy, the administration of salmon oil may be useful. The health benefits will affect not only the mother, but also the fetuses.

After birth, the beneficial effect of salmon oil on breast milk continues, which not only favors the growth of fetuses / kitten, it also strengthens the long-term bone structure of the offspring.

Salmon oil for carrying cats

Dosage of salmon oil for cats

If the salmon oil is added as a dietary supplement to the food of the cat, you should always pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. If you can not find it there, the dosage of salmon oil depends on the weight of the cat.

For a 4 kg normal-weight cat, this is equivalent to about one milliliter (about 6-8 drops) per day.

An overdose with salmon oil should be avoided as far as possible , because the high-quality and healthy fish oil in addition to its many positive properties can also quickly lead to side effects.

If the salmon oil is already added to the finished food, an overdose is almost impossible. If you add the salmon oil for cats to the feed but yourself, you must pay attention to the exact dosage.

For example, diarrhea or stomach problems can occur as side effects. Also, an overdose can quickly lead to a dilution of the skin on the paws, which can cause problems in hot asphalt especially in the summer. The blood thinning effect of salmon oil also causes wounds to heal worse.

Dosage form of salmon oil for cats

Since many manufacturers are aware of the positive effects of omega 3 fatty acids and thus of salmon oil, salmon oil is already added to many types of food. If such a cat food is already used, it is of course not necessary to add more salmon oil, since the need for omega 3 fatty acids is already completely covered by the cat food.

Anyone who uses a cat food without salmon oil, which finds in the pet store on the one hand salmon oil capsules and the other pure salmon oil, which is in small bottles for individual dosing. High-quality cat food does not necessarily contain salmon oil, here you should always look at the declaration. Anifit cat food without grains and cat food without sugar are already a good start for a healthy cat nutrition, but with fish oil you can still do a drop of good.

Proper dosage for salmon oil

The quality of salmon oil

Who wants to buy salmon oil for the cat, which is really high quality, should pay attention to some factors when buying.

Firstly, the selected salmon oil should be as pure as possible – it should therefore contain no additives, as they can greatly reduce the quality of the product.

If possible, the salmon oil should be packed protected from light, as light and strong sunlight can quickly make the oil rancid.

Who wants to buy salmon oil in bottles, should pay attention to a kind of dosing. Because just when only a few drops of valuable oil are needed, it can quickly happen that too much salmon oil flows out of the bottle. This not only wastes oil, it can also make it easier to overdose.