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How to use explainer videos in management

explainer videos in management

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What are the best ways to use explainer videos in management of a business? Our guide outlines how you can employ them and what they work best for.

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For every manager, targeted, sustainable and clear communication is a decisive success factor. Management communication shapes the work processes of your company as well as the working atmosphere and has an impact on the company’s internal and external communication. 

Explanatory videos can help you to convey a professional, personable and modern picture of yourself and your company. Because these are short video clips that explain complex facts in a simple and to the point. They also clarify serious content briefly and in an entertaining way. We outline in this article what other advantages these videos have.

Explainer videos convince in a few minutes and are easily accessible

An important reason for the effectiveness of explanatory films is their brevity. The barrier of three minutes in length for an ideal video is often cited as a rule of thumb. It is important to concentrate on the essentials. Details are left out, but context and relationships are explained. 

Abstract concepts are also illustrated through concrete examples and identification figures. In this way, decisions can be communicated in a comprehensible manner and difficult processes can be conveyed in a comprehensible manner.

Another advantage of explainer videos is that they can be made available online and are therefore easily accessible. Employees can access them flexibly and on the go.

Explainer videos help to engage

Explainer videos not only convey messages on a purely content level. Protagonists with strong identification and humorous animations arouse sympathy with the target audience. Color and style can be adapted to your corporate design with most providers. This makes the company recognizable.

Explainer videos can convey appreciation

The production of the explanatory video itself is an important message: it shows that you, as a manager, take communication with your employees or customers seriously. If the content is professionally researched and prepared, the explanatory video can get to the heart of your core message in a few minutes. You emphasize your appreciation for employees, customers and other stakeholders by conveying important topics clearly and comprehensibly.

Explainer videos for management work in a wide variety of areas

Explanatory clips can be used in a wide variety of areas in the company. Regardless of whether products, processes or projects are to be illustrated – with good storytelling you have the attention of your target group on your side.

Internal communication

For training, further education and for onboarding, explanatory films are used in internal communication to enrich the teaching content. In change management, explanatory videos can not only explain changes, but also influence attitudes. In this way, the anxiety of some employees about changes can be counteracted.

External communication

Explanatory videos can also be used for external communication: As recruitment videos, they provide a direct first impression of the company. Explanatory films are also used in marketing. Brand messages are best conveyed audiovisually. The format of the explanatory videos has the necessary conciseness for this. In the area of ​​customer service, explanatory films can quickly show efficient solutions.

As a top manager, be a role model for your employees and show them how the meaningful integration of explainer videos works – for really every department and every topic.