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How to use CBD oil to treat acne

use CBD oil to treat acne

Can you use CBD oil to treat acne? Yes, our guide outlines the proper use and benefits of using this powerful health oil.

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The majority of people had problems with acne, at least once in their lives.  Many of us struggled with it only in our teenage years, while some still do as adults. 

Regardless of the period in which we dealt with this issue, all of us know quite well how frustrating it is. Moreover, it does leave psychological consequences. According to the Dermatologist, approximately 30 -50 percent of adolescents experience some psychological difficulties because of acne.  Some issues that they might experience are depression, anxiety, poor self-image, etc.

Causes of Acne

The body also naturally creates a way to keep the skin moist and prevent it from drying out.  This is the job of sebaceous glands. Now, in some cases, the production of the substance called sebum is excessive. When this gets in combination with accumulated dead cells, the pores on the face get clogged, and, as a result, we develop acne.  Here are the main reasons for acne:

  • Excess oil production
  • Clogged follicles
  • Bacterial build-up
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Medication

Conventional Treatment

For this reason, a lot of adolescents and adults alike ask for support from dermatologists to know how to take care of the skin. Doctors then prescribe antibiotics or other drugs such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that are often ineffective in the long run.

This is one way of trying to treat the issue, but some people prefer looking for solutions in alternative medicine. And there are plenty of natural remedies, but one that is lately standing out as particularly useful is CBD oil for acne.

What is CBD

Today we are talking about acne treatment and how to use CBD oil to tackle this problem. But first, let’s see what CBD oil is. 

Many of you indeed heard about the Cannabis sativa plant. But you likely associate it only with marijuana. Even if more and more people talk about medicinal marijuana and its benefits, it is still kind of controversial topic. Why? Well, because the strain of cannabis that we know as ganja or marijuana contains cannabidiol (CBD), but it also contains infamous psychoactive agent THC. There is, however, another strain that primarily contains cannabidiol and very low levels of THC that is thus safe to use – hemp.

Growth and production of industrial hemp that is used to make CBD oil became officially legal in 2018, and now there are a lot of uses of this oil. However, some people are still questioning the safety of using CBD oil, mainly as they say because of recreational marijuana use. Nevertheless, many others, including the doctors of modern medicine, recommend using it because of the various CBD oil benefits.

Endocannabinoid System

Some people are wondering how CBD may affect our bodies in such a positive way. Well, we can say that we can thank the endocannabinoid system. It is something we didn’t know about until thirty years ago, but now we are learning more and more. It is a system present in all vertebrates, including mammals, which is responsible for regulating various physiological and cognitive processes such as immune system activity, fertility, and pregnancy, appetite, pain regulation, mood, etc.  This happens because the body releases a particular type of neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids that send messages to the receptors throughout the body.  But sometimes our bodies need a bit of help, and in this case, we can use CBD oil and, in this particular case, CBD oil for acne. 

How to use CBD oil to treat acne

Considering that the creation of acne is a mainly inflammatory process and that CBD has anti-inflammatory features, it can be used as an active part of the skincare routine. Additionally, studies show that CBD has the potential to stop the excessive production of sebum, which, as we mention, contributes to the creation of acne. So if you have been wondering does CBD oil work in this case, the short answer is yes. However,  scientists still haven’t conducted sufficient results to clearly explain why this is happening besides the anti-inflammatory features CBD oil for acne has, as we mentioned. 

Maybe you are wondering how to use CBD oil for acne. A lot of people think that because acne is a visible skin condition, you need to apply it directly. But this is not the case because when the pores are clogged, CBD oil for acne gets through and treats the affected area properly. This can cause additional blockages. So how to use CBD oil to treat acne? Well, the recommendation is that you put a few drops under the tongue. Talking about CBD oil dosage The total amount should not exceed 20 mg, and you should take it two times a day.

The time you will need to keep taking it depends on the particular type of your skin. After some time,  when the skin begins to recover, you can start applying topical directly on the affected areas. Still, it is advised to continue taking CBD oil for acne orally as well during this period. 


Some people, as we mentioned, earlier are worried about the use of CBD oil for acne because they believe that it will make them ‘high.’ We are here to assure you that hemp, the cannabis strain used to make this oil, has such a low percentage of THC that it cannot make a child high, and it is perfectly safe to use. Moreover, it is an entirely natural compound and one of the best skincare products that can improve the health of your skin much better than any other conventional remedy without causing any harm.

Author: J_Bonte is a journalist and blogger, living in Austin and writing for a lot of websites for about three years. He is exploring all types of alternative medicine and writes about his research. Five years ago, J_Bonte became an advocate for the use of CBD oil in medicine. In his free time, he is hiking and camping with friends.

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