How to use billboard advertizing in today’s marketing world

billboard advertizing

This guide looks at whether billboard advertizing is still effective and how to make the most of it.

The world of marketing has evolved notably. The digital marketing techniques have dominated the conventional marketing practices. These innovations have been game-changing as they have enhanced the way customers interact with a brand.

But as years pass by, we have gradually seen several marketing methods hiding away in the dusty pages of history. However, are they actually not effective anymore or are they simply subsided? With San Francisco billboard services and the stress upon visiting cards still remaining; we have a query to unfold. Are billboards still effective? Let’s find out.

Statistics about billboard advertizing

Although you might assume that billboards are not a thing anymore. But we are sorry to pop your bubble; they actually are. And if you are not using this method, you are missing out on a great audience.

According to studies and statistics, 70% of people still stare at billboards as they are driving or passing by. Further:

  • More than 50% of people state that engaging billboards have had an influence on them.
  • 70% of people consciously notice billboards while driving or being on the road.
  • Americans averagely spend around 300 hours in their cars per year, which simply means that billboard advertizing will be noticed regardless, by a large audience.
  • Digital billboards have made this marketing technique even more effective.

Whether you are headed out for work or you are in-commute due to any other reason; you cannot deny that you will take a glance at the billboards for sure. They are noticeable and they make their presence count, regardless.

Which businesses benefit from billboard advertizing?

If you are aiming to spread brand awareness and build your presence in a specific location, then billboard advertizing wouldn’t disappoint you. Conventional and digital billboards are usually installed in high-traffic areas. These areas are perfect for businesses, aiming to target a larger audience.

However, each marketing technique is not perfect for every business. Therefore, before you make a pick, you must determine whether this marketing technique is right for you or not.

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is your business meeting the eight second rule? What is the eight second rule, you might ask. It simply means that will your billboard advertizing deliver the message within 8 seconds, to the audience? If yes, then billboards are definitely good for you. If not, then you might not be able to benefit a lot from them.
  2. Is your product or service relevant to the audience? A billboard is displayed to the masses. If the audience doesn’t find it relevant; they wouldn’t be affected by the display, no matter how attractive it looks. To set an impression through a billboard, you need to make sure that your product is relevant for the audience.

Once you have answers to these two, basic queries, you can easily determine whether billboard advertizing is effective for your business or not.

Choose the Right Location

If billboard advertizing is right for your business, then you need to head forward to the next step, i.e. finding the right location.

Location is an extremely crucial element to consider. It is one of the major keys to success for billboard marketing. Therefore, analyze different locations before choosing a billboard for advertisement purposes.

Consider your target audience and where they are coming from. This will help you choose a location wisely. Never choose a location in haste. It requires a deep understanding of how your business will be viewed there; therefore, evaluate your options properly.

Pros and cons of billboard advertizing

Advantages of billboard advertizing

Although the majority might assume that billboards are best for larger enterprises. But all business sizes can benefit from them. They are certainly an investment but if done right, it can pay off pretty well.

Here are a few perks of billboard advertisement:

  • Higher chances of great exposure.
  • Location targeting
  • Considering the impressions; it is cost-effective

Disadvantages of billboard advertizing

Here are a few drawbacks of billboard marketing:

  • Not as flexible as one might want it to be.
  • The exposure time is short lived.
  • Monitoring and measuring effectiveness is tough.

Weighing the pros and cons is extremely crucial before choosing billboard marketing. As stated before, it is not a perfect solution for all businesses. Thus, determine how it would work for your brand specifically and then make a decision accordingly. You must feel 100% confident before making a huge marketing move.

The bottom line

In the end, billboard advertizing is still effective and it can help your business flourish by reaching out to a larger audience.

To make it effective,you have to analyze the location, billboard design and manage other marketing strategies along it, to ensure a good outcome. If used correctly, billboards are an effective marketing tool. Therefore, plan beforehand to ensure a wonderful execution and incredible outcomes too.

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