How to unblock chakras: steps to free the 8 main chakras

how to unblock chakras

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The chakras penetrate our whole being and play an essential role. This comprehensive guide outlines how to unblock chakras, with methods for each of the 8 main chakras.

How to unblock chakras: overview

The chakras are energy centers in our body through which we absorb prana (life energy) and which affect our whole being, which is why it is important to know how to unblock chakras . Translated from Indian, chakra means “wheel”. There are 8 chakras in total. No chakra stands on its own. All chakras interact with each other and provide information about where we are at the moment. They are not only a reflection of the state of our consciousness, but also of our subconscious.

The chakras are located along the middle of our body on the front and back of our body. The first seven chakras also find their correspondence in our physical body, in the nervous and glandular systems. The 8th chakra is the aura. It is the electromagnetic field around our body.

Every chakra is different

A certain frequency is assigned to each chakra. For this reason, all chakras have different color assignments and characteristic sounds that correspond to this vibration relationship that is a key in how to unblock chakras. The first 5 chakras are associated with the 5 elements (tattvas): earth, water, fire, air and ether. The top three chakras are more subtle and can no longer have any connection to the elements.

How to unblock chakras: 1st chakra (root chakra / Muladhara)

  • Topics: basic trust, security, survival
  • Red color
  • Element: earth
  • Mantra: Lam

The first chakra appears mostly in the first 40 days after birth. That’s why the puerperium is such a special time. It’s about developing trust in yourself and in the world. Again and again you will come into situations in which you have the feeling that something is not enough. You have the feeling that you have too little time, you get too little recognition, too little attention, too little love.

And in the end you will come to the point where you realize that this need comes from much deeper and can not be fed from outside yourself. No partner, no matter how great a job, no matter how well planned, can give you enough security, calm, stability or security if it doesn’t come from you . As always, it’s all a matter of perception and stabilising in how to unblock chakras .

In the Muladhara unblocking, spending time in nature is particularly grounding in how to unblock chakras No 1. Be it a long walk or planning time to garden. The color red and the sense of smell are connected to the root chakra. Just like root vegetables and all other plants that have grown deep in the ground.

Strengthening the root chakra

To strengthen the root chakra in yoga, we swear to the chair posture (Utkatasana), the tree (Vrikshasana) or deep squat (Malasana). The mantra “Lam” also supports grounding. For example, you can chant it while you are in the asana or consciously take your time afterwards and chant it for a few minutes after your practice. It works wonders in how to unblock chakras !

How to unblock chakras: 2nd chakra (sacral chakra / Svadhisthana)

  • Topics: joie de vivre, sexuality, creativity
  • Color orange
  • Element: water
  • Mantra: Vam

The second chakra – also called Svadhisthana Chakra – is the magician of self-expression and creativity and is about two fingers’ breadth below the navel. It also stands for joie de vivre, a positive handling of emotions and sexuality. Quite simply: the pure lust for life. Everything that brings incredible joy and makes you happy. What makes you shine… When do you have a glow in your eyes?

Life is getting faster and faster, the demands on us are increasing and there is little time for self-expression and relaxation. Relaxation is so important. When we relax in ourselves, we are rooted in ourselves and connected to our intuition and can draw on the full.

Do you find it difficult to express your feelings or tell others how you feel? Do you feel empty inside and lack motivation? Are you then perhaps still ashamed and guilty that you have not lived up to your own expectations and those of others, even though you are already giving everything, but that doesn’t seem to be enough either?

Eight tips for how to unblock chakras to strengthen your second chakra:

  • Take at least one time every day for an 11-minute deep relaxation (Shavasana). According to Kundalini Yoga, women should relax for 11 minutes at least twice a day. This is one of the hardest things to do in really taking time for yourself. It appears to be the greatest challenge of this time.
  • Dance yourself free! True to the motto “shake yourself free”. Find your favorite dance song from your playlist. Turn it up really loud and dance. Let go and come all the way!
  • Activate your sense of touch . The second chakra is related to the sense of touch. Our skin is our largest sensory organ. By consciously touching, you strengthen your perception.
  • Let your emotions be aware of them and make yourself aware again and again that you are not your emotions. Your emotions come and go.
  • Create space for creative expression : painting, dancing, singing, writing, any craft, …
  • Stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself at least 3 positive things about yourself every day .
  • The sense associated with the second chakra is taste . Consciously enjoy your food!
  • Yoga Asanas: Butterfly (Bhadakonasana), frogs, Sufi circle, cat-cow and everything that makes you happy!

How to unblock chakras: 3rd chakra (solar plexus / manipura)

  • Topics: power of action, assertiveness, emotions
  • Color yellow
  • Element: fire
  • Mantra: Ram

Do you know the feeling of being the leading actor in the wrong film? You play a role and really just meet the needs of others. But these don’t have much to do with your actual desires and talents. You follow the ideas of your friends and colleagues more than your own. What is holding you back from going your own way? What gives you the energy to put your wishes and projects into practice?

Strengthening your Manipura Chakra can assist you to implement your goals, your energy levels again recharge and to resolve emotional barriers in how to unblock chakras. The third chakra is an energy center that is located around the solar plexus and is related to the element of fire. It is also about your inner glow and your inner fire.

There are countless valuable tools in yoga that can support you in this process. In my opinion, the “stretch pose” from Kundalini Yoga is the best way to regain your own strength and strength. Through the fire breath you release a lot of energy and through the asana itself, your core and your abdominal muscles are strengthened.

Instructions for the stretch pose

And this is how it works in how to unblock chakras with this pose:

  • Lie on your back. Extend your legs downward as an extension of your upper body. The arms are next to the upper body.
  • Slightly tighten the pelvic floor and stay steady in your center.
  • Then lift your arms, legs, and head slightly off the floor. Look at your toes with your toes extended forward. The arms are not touching the body and the palms are facing down towards the floor.
  • In this position you start with fire breath. Remain in this position for 1-3 minutes.
  • The “stretch pose” activates the third chakra, can cleanse the blood and regenerate the entire nervous system.

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How to unblock chakras: 4th chakra (heart chakra / anahata)

  • Topics: love, compassion, neutrality
  • Color green
  • Element: air
  • Mantra: Yam

When your heart chakra is free, healing and love can happen. The heart chakra or anahata chakra is located exactly in the middle of the chakras, near our physical heart in the middle of the chest. The lower three chakras are summarized as the lower triangle and stand for the “I” consciousness. The upper three chakras are summarized as the upper triangle and stand for the “we” consciousness.

The heart center lies exactly in the middle and connects these two aspects with each other. The heart is always about a connection. First and foremost to oneself and then from this connection also to an opening to the outside world to others.

Steps to unlock the 4th chackra

In yoga, all asanas that open the chest strengthen the heart chakra: the bow (Dhanurasana), the cobra (Bhujangasana) or the camel (Ustrasana) for example. The element of the heart chakra is air and the colors are light green, pink or gold. We love breathing techniques (pranayamas) to connect with the qualities of the heart chakra.

The following breathing meditation will also unblock you

For how to unblock chakras using this, sit cross-legged. Relax your hands on your knees or in your lap. Straighten your spine and close your eyes. Relax your shoulders as you lift your sternum slightly. Begin to become aware of the breath and then let it deepen. Take in new energy with each inhalation and sink deep into your heart as you exhale . Reach more with every breath you take. If you like, imagine a bright green and gold light in your heart with every inhalation, which is distributed throughout your body as you exhale.

How to unblock chakras: 5th Chakra (throat chakra / Vishuddha)

  • Topics: self-expression, communication, inspiration
  • Colour blue
  • Element: ether
  • Mantra: Ham

Self-expression, active listening and conscious communication play an important role in the throat chakra , which is also called the Vishuddha Chakra. The color of this chakra is blue and it is associated with the ether or the sound. Hearing is sensory perception .

Asanas for the 5th chakra

In yoga there are a number of asanas for how to unblock chakras that work on precisely this chakra. The shoulder stand, the plow or a simple neck roll gently mobilize the area around the throat. But be careful with thyroid problems (under or overactive). You should only practice here after consulting your doctor and if you are comfortable with the practice.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations or chanting mantras can be incredibly beneficial. Positive affirmations are an effective method to induce long-term change, to realize your desires and to strengthen a positive self-image. By influencing your thoughts, you can change your feelings, emotions and also your actions.

Find a suitable affirmation that strengthens you and resonates with you. This affirmation should be formulated as briefly and positively as possible. Here are a few examples: I am strong. I’m light. I pay attention to the needs of my body. Repeat this affirmation several times a day. It can also be helpful to write them down on several small post-its that you distribute around the apartment. They can also remind you of this in everyday life.

Sat Naam

Enjoy doing this exercise with the mantra “Sat Naam”. “Sat” means truth and “Naam” means identity. With this mantra you connect with your true identity, with your innermost core. You can imagine yourself germinating a seed. Find a quiet place. Come cross-legged. Put your hands on your knees or in your lap. Let your breath get deeper and think “Sat” as you breathe in and “Naam” as you breathe out.

How to unblock chakras: 6th chakra (frontal chakra / Ajna)

  • Topics: intuition, knowledge, mental power
  • Color: indigo
  • Mantra: Ksham

In yoga, intuition has a lot to do with the brow chakra. The Ajna Chakra stands for good intuition, a great imagination, mental clarity and self-knowledge. That means that you intuitively always know and feel what is good for you and what you need. You can then direct your actions accordingly and your soul can express itself freely. You are in the flow with what is.

The third eye chakra is usually shown in deep blue indigo. This chakra also plays an important role in the hormonal balance, as the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are connected to it.

Connect with yourself

In yoga, all asanas in which the forehead is on the floor can provide support. For example in the position of the child. The mind bows figuratively to the heart and intuition. Any kind of meditation and silent mindfulness promote our ability to be in touch with ourselves. Give it a try. Take at least 3 minutes each day to sit in silence and notice what is coming, what is going and what is staying. Like most things in life, this is also a matter of practice.

How to unblock chakras: 7th chakra (crown chakra / Sahasrara)

  • Topics: feeling of “being one”, spirituality, perfection
  • Color: purple
  • Mantra: Om

The seventh chakra is also called the crown chakra (Sahasrara), is white or purple and is represented by 1,000 lotus petals. On the organic level, the Sahasrara Chakra is connected to the pineal gland. The epiphysis is also known as the “seat of the soul”. It plays an important role in the wake-sleep cycle, for the formation of serotonin and melatonin and for regeneration in the event of damage to the tent.

This chakra stands for a feeling of being one with the cosmos, spirituality, ecstasy, the throne of God and the gateway to liberation. But what does it all mean? It is difficult to grasp or to put into words what exactly the crown chakra is. The lower chakras in particular are associated with the elements and gross things. The further we go up, the more subtle the chakras and the related issues become.

It’s about an inner connection to ourselves, to our soul. Sometimes there are moments in my life when I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. In the right place, at the right time, with the right people … Perhaps you can also speak of synchronicity. Everything feels good and the moment is so present that all it needs is to be. Everything is in the now. Comparable to a deep inner calm, an inner peace and a feeling of happiness and gratitude. Your own rhythm and that of the universe are in harmony.

Brahman – everything becomes one

For this moment, your own consciousness connects with the all-encompassing consciousness, which in yoga is also called Brahman and everything becomes one. Like the drop of water that can be found in the ocean. There is no more separation. The polarities that otherwise determined our lives begin to dissolve and shift. Everything is related to each other. Everything has a cause and an effect.

Live meditation

Yoga can give us many important tools on the way to greater awareness. Meditation is particularly important in this context. The more conscious we are about ourselves and our environment, the better we can perceive the subtle realm.

How to unblock chakras: 8th chakra (aura)

  • Subject: Protection
  • Color white. White stands for the total balance of all colors.

The aura, your eighth chakra , is a living being, the fingerprint of your soul, the light of your truth and a measurable field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds your body. Everything that exists creates an energetic field. We humans are blessed with the ability to strengthen and fine-tune our own magnetic field through our hearts and minds.

You can work to heal the planet by consciously sending your love and unity into the earth through the aura root. This stirring the Kundalini-Energy in mother earth is made possible by many new “tribes” that come together and meet at the chakras of the earth. The rainbow or yin snake is the feminine aspect of the earth’s two great energy lines, the winged or yang snake is the masculine aspect. These snakes in turn consist of male and female waves that “snake” through the landscape like a staff of Aesculapia or the Kundalini snake. Legend has it that these two snakes orbit the world to unite and each swallow the other’s tails. The resulting energy will be the “Holy Grail” of the earth. Our role as human beings is to consciously use this divine healing energy, to send and receive it through our aura so that it is available for the well-being of all.

The aura unites and contains the properties and powers of all other chakras

As soon as you start to integrate all chakras, your aura shines in its full splendor to protect you and to project your being outwards. When the unconscious “garbage” is disposed of, you attract positively charged energy and intuitively receive guidance from a higher soul perspective. Our aura offers protection against illness and negative environmental influences. A powerful eighth chakra is as precious as gold, it deflects negative influences and radiates irresistible luminosity. When the aura is weak, we are more susceptible to viruses and the aggression of others. If we expand the aura, the outer arc serves as a filter and connection to the universal magnetic field. This outer area surrounding the whole body maintains the integrity of the aura. Your aura changes color and size according to your mood, physical health and your spiritual growth. You can learn a lot about your subtle nature through the color and strength of your aura.

The heart chakra is the tree trunk

The first three chakras form the lower triangle , which stands for grounding, elimination and the “I” consciousness. The 5th, 6th and 7th chakra together form the upper triangle, which stands for the “we” consciousness and is much finer and more subtle in terms of energy. The arrangement of the chakras can also be compared to a tree . The lower triangle forms the stable root system that forms the breeding ground for the tree. Then comes the trunk , which is the connection between the roots and the treetop . The treetop has a strong connection to the sun and moon- to the universe. There is an exchange. The heart chakra is thus the tree trunk that connects the upper and lower triangles and in which we move from “I” to “we”.

The adventure journey of the chakras

Studying the chakras in more detail is like going on an adventure trip. As soon as you think you have understood one aspect, a new one appears and you can’t stop being amazed. The chakras offer an infinite field to get to know yourself better and maybe to rediscover yourself. Each yoga asana always addresses specific chakras. So yoga is inevitably linked to the whole chakra system.