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How to tell genuine Nike Air Maxx from fakes

genuine Nike Air Maxx

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We all love them, the comfortable sneakers and the counterfeiting industry has long since discovered this for itself. Especially the coveted Nike Air Max is one of the most faked shoes ever. But so that you don’t tapped into the fake trap, follow our guide to tell genuine Nike Air Maxx from fakes and even the best replica Nike Air Msxx shoes.

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Genuine Nike Air Maxx features


An important feature that you should take a closer look at is the Nike Swoosh logo. Make sure it is uniformly cut and the distance to the logo is even. The lettering “AIR MAX” should consist of outstanding letters, this is not the case, because the lettering was only printed, for example, it is very likely not original Nike Air Max shoes. The word “MAX” is, as can be seen in the picture, always affixed in a larger font size for all originals, as opposed to “AIR”. Also, take a close look at the workmanship and the colour of the letters, which should not peel off and make a high-quality impression.

genuine Nike Air Maxx
genuine Nike Air Maxx


The nike Air Max’s internal label usually contains the same information and should be available. The time period of production is always under the size in mm/DD/YY format. So that you can be sure that the shoe you are currently holding in your hands also exists original, you should check the model number. Simply go to The Nike web store and compare your model’s number to the same shoe number. You will find these when you click on the product and check the usually nine-digit number on the far right under “Style”. If it’s an older model, you may also find out the model number via Google.

genuine Nike Air Maxx


The air pads of the original Air Max models are usually always transparent. So you should be able to see through the air cushions without any problems, whereas in case of fakes the air pad often looks cloudy. Take a closer look at the bumps. If they consist of several individual pieces and different colors, it is most likely a forgery.

genuine Nike Air Maxx
genuine Nike Air Maxx


Another feature that you should take a closer look at during the fake check is the insole of the Nike Air Max. The lettering “NIKE” or “NIKE AIR” as well as the Nike Swoosh should always be shown on it. If you have worn the shoes many times and notice that the lettering gradually detaches from the sole, you should become audible, because with all originals it is usually still clearly recognizable even after multiple use.

Since many different models of the Nike Air Max already exist on the market, it may well happen that individual features deviate from the usual ones, especially when it is a special edition. So if you’re not sure, check out a Nike store and ask if your shoes are original.