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How to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban

how to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban

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Ray-Ban is undisputably one of the hottest sunglasses labels. The coveted Aviator glasses adorn some faces on hot summer days. But the popularity is also reflected in the black market. The result: tons of fake Aviator glasses. So that you know what details you have to pay attention to when you buy original Ray-Ban sunglasses, we have made the fake check exclusively for you to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban.

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The characteristic lettering on the original Ray-Ban sunglasses is sometimes the most important distinguishing feature to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban. Nevertheless, you should take a close look at it, because this detail can also be seen on almost all counterfeits. Make sure that the color of the lettering is white and that it cannot be scratched off with your fingernail. In addition, the slogan is always on the right lens, where it is slightly inclined. If the glasses are polarized, there is a “P” behind the Ray-Ban lettering.

how to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban


Take a closer look at the temples and make sure that the outside of the temples are each decorated with the Ray Ban lettering. Inside the temple you should definitely find the model number, the name for the color and an internal abbreviation to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban. The names consist of both letters and numbers. On the official homepage of Ray-Ban you can also check whether your model number even exists, because unfortunately many plagiarisms are also equipped with such a number. The Ray Ban logo, the “Made in Italy” lettering and “CE” should be visible on the inside of the other bracket. The latter guarantees that the manufacturer adheres to EU security standards.

how to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban


With the classic Aviator sunglasses you will usually find transparent plastic nose pads. Also make sure that the “RB” logo is engraved on the metal core. However, if you already have an older model, it can happen that instead of an “RB” you can read a “BL” and the pads are not transparent, but rose-colored. When viewed from above, in many cases there is also the inscription “B&L RAY-BAN USA”. You should be wary if the engraving described is missing or the processing of the nose pads leaves something to be desired, if you want to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban .

how to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban


The original Ray-Ban case is usually made of genuine leather and has the Ray-Ban stamp on the outside left. The Ray-Ban lettering is in the center of the stamp, with “100% UV protection” above and the inscription “Sunglasses by Luxottica” underneath. The following also applies here: Take a closer look at the workmanship and quality of the materials used, shows these defects, it is very likely that it is not an original. Also, even when you want to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban, don’t be fooled by an original Ray-Ban case, because that doesn’t mean that there are original glasses in it.

how to tell fake vs genuine Ray-Ban

We hope that the tips have helped you and that you have original Ray-Ban sunglasses.