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How to tell fake vs genuine MCM bag

fake vs genuine MCM bag

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How do you tell a fake vs genuine MCM bag? Especially in recent years, when the brand has regained popularity, numerous copies of the famous MCM bag have been circulating  on the market again. So that you can avoid a fake purchase, we have summarized the most important features for you.

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The German luxury label has had many followers since the early 80s – what started with travel bags is now flourishing with stylish it bags, sophisticated accessories and hip backpacks. The entire fashion elite, from fashion bloggers and models like Cara Delevigne to superstars like Rihanna or Beyoncé, agree: MCM bags are real eye-catchers and an absolute must-have. But not everyone who wants an MCM bag can afford one. Numerous plagiarisms have crept into the fashion world.

Clues to tell fake vs genuine MCM bag


fake vs genuine MCM bag

The MCM label is an important authenticity feature and can expose a few plagiarisms through small but important details that allows you to tell a fake vs genuine MCM bag. 

Only a few bags and accessories do not have this characteristic brass plate. It is rectangular, has rounded corners and the original MCM lettering always runs in double lines. 

Under the lettering is the emblem with the typical laurel branch provided with a bow. It is worth taking a closer look here, because with original products there are always exactly nine leaves on the left side of the loop, while there are only eight leaves on the right.

 If this feature does not match, it is very likely that it is not a real MCM bag. There is usually a centered “R” underneath the laurels and the lettering “MÜNCHEN” underneath. Your eagle eye is also in demand here, because the dots of the “Ü” are always attached above the “M” in original products. 

The writing on the brass plate, if attached on the outside, is never blackened in the original condition. If your bag has a blackened font, this can be a clear indication of a counterfeit. 

The engraved code, which is usually on the bottom of the label, usually consists of one letter and four digits, but on vintage models it can happen that the code consists of only one combination of digits. 

The MCM shield is almost always attached with screws. Also make sure that the screws are countersunk and do not protrude. With newer models it is also possible that the sign was not fastened with screws, but with a kind of rivets. because the dots of the “Ü” are always attached above the “M” in original products. 


Of course, original MCM bags are handmade and thus made with the highest quality. Therefore, pay close attention to the transitions of the monograms as a clue to tell a fake vs genuine MCM bag. 

Many counterfeits lack a seamless transition and matching of the pattern. In the case of original products, however, the monograms always run perfectly and the transition fits perfectly with the previous course. Also take a closer look at the seams. These should always be neatly processed and have exactly the same distance from the edge.


Usually, the hangers of an MCM bag, to which the handles are attached, always have the shape of an “H”. The MCM logo is usually on the crossbar of the handle hangers, not in the form of an “H”, but instead of an “H”. Since 2014, however, bags have also been produced, an “O” was used. Here the logo was engraved vertically on the hanger. Also pay attention to the different metal applications of the bag as a clue to tell a fake vs genuine MCM bag. Models with a shoulder strap almost always have an engraving with the MCM logo on the adjustment buckle.

fake vs genuine MCM bag


To protect itself against counterfeiting, MCM, like many other labels, has launched a guarantee card. When you purchase original products, you always get them automatically. The card is given together with care instructions in a black envelope with the MCM logo. The card contains the product number of the item, among other things.


A real MCM will keep its shape if you stand it upright. This is ensured by the high quality of the fabrics / materials and the refined structure – which is usually neglected with fake bags. Therefore, if possible, always do a stand test or ask for photos from the provider when buying online – better safe than sorry. It is also very helpful to know the dimensions of your dream bag. Many models are available in several sizes, so just check the official MCM website. So you can measure the bag in front of you and if the height, depth and width match, that’s a good sign.


MCM only uses materials of the highest quality for its bags – the leather or canvas should always feel very soft, supple and luxurious. MCM imitations are mostly made from inferior materials, which can usually be felt. But an odor test is always good too – does the bag smell of plastic, chemicals or glue? Then put it back again. An original MCM only smells of leather, vintage models also have that typical vintage leather smell with them. So just take a look!


The golden badge on MCM bags and rucksacks is very prone to errors on imitations – after all, there are many, many details that have to be considered. The most obvious thing is the placement of the badge: it is always absolutely centered – an obvious no-go for an original MCM bag is, for example, if the badge is attached to a corner of the bag.

The corners of the badge are rounded and the badge is fastened with slotted screws, which are also rounded. With the screws you should make sure that they are 1. Genuine – very cheap imitations do not use real screws, but only engrave them, 2. Slotted screws are – Phillips screws are not used by MCM and 3. A recess in the badge was milled in for the screws – sometimes MCM imitations use real slotted screws, but these are often “put on” and not in the badge. Occasionally, however, there are models from MCM, especially since around 2014, that do not contain screws, but rivets – these unfortunately often do not look as high quality as the screws, which is why it is a little more difficult to recognize an imitation.

The engraving on the badge “MCM MÜNCHEN” and the serial number are relatively thin and absolutely clear. The “MCM” is written in double lines and the ® trademark can always be found as a way to tell a fake vs genuine MCM bag.

In general, the badge should make an absolutely high-quality, shiny and luxurious impression – chipped paint, rust and an uneven surface are taboo.


With the MCM logo you have to look carefully and count the bay leaves – on the left there are exactly 9 pieces, on the right only 8. Wherever you see the logo – whether engraved on the gold plaque or printed on the canvas – it should always be great be clean. Smeared ink, blurry edges and so on. speak against the authenticity of the supposedly original MCM bag. If the logo is placed as a monogram on the canvas, you should pay attention to the transitions at the seams. With original MCM bags, the monogram continues to flow, while with imitations the effort is saved and logos can be loosely interrupted in the middle by a seam.


The serial number of the MCM bag is always on the gold plate. On newer models, the serial number consists of four numbers and a letter – on vintage pieces there are only numbers. However, the serial number never consists of more characters or only letters, which is often the case with plagiarism. So it is always worthwhile to look carefully and count. It should also be ensured that the serial number is only engraved on one badge (if there are several).


With originals, the handles are worked twice – the underside is made of plain-colored leather, which is pulled up at the side. Only the middle or top of the handle consists of the MCM Signature Materials. The handles on most models look like an “H” – the MCM embossing can be found on the horizontal “H” bar, as always absolutely clear and balanced. In the case of fake bags, the hanger is often simply rectangular or square. To be on the safe side, it is best to match the desired model with an original from the official MCM website or similar. to match.


If the lining crackles, if it feels stiff or plastic, or if it is attached too tightly or loosely to the leather, then it is almost certainly an imitation. The interior of a real MCM bag is supple, soft and fits perfectly – there is no “saggy” fabric left. In general, there is no rule of thumb how the inner workings of an MCM bag should look – it depends entirely on the model. 

In models with heritage design, the interior is often cognac-colored, with Milla bags it is usually even the case that there is no lining inside and the outer leather is simply roughened on the inside, so that ultimately it comes to a velor interior. Bags and co. are then sewn on with smooth leather – sometimes with, sometimes without a logo print. The inside of backpacks is mostly black, but there may be deviations here too. 

To be absolutely sure, it is better to ask which model it is exactly and then compare it via the MCM website or similar trustworthy sources. Was the MCM pocket model of your choice launched after 2005? Then take a very close look – since then, Sungjoo labels have been sewn inside (the MCM logo on one side, the other saying “Made in Korea”).


The hardware should feel heavy and luxurious, as is always the case with designer bags. Excessive scratches or peeling of the paint should never occur with an original MCM bag – natural traces of use are excluded for second hand purchases. Also pay particular attention to the color of the hardware of your desired model – at MCM it is usually a bright, strong gold. But to be on the safe side, it is always worth making a direct comparison with the model in question on the official MCM website or similar, reliable sources. The MCM logo is always engraved on zippers – the zippers themselves are supplied by MCM from YKK.


As with all other designer bags, the same applies to MCM: absolutely straight, even, neat seams. In the case of imitations, especially at the corners, you can often see that the seam is frayed or crooked. A uniform distance between the seams and the edges of the bag is also essential.


A real MCM bag always comes with a dust bag – this is very plain in white and has a MCM logo as a print in black. Make sure that the logo is in the center and not smeared or ink stains anywhere. In addition, an authenticity card and a small card with care instructions should always be with you


A deal that is way too good should always arouse skepticism – after all, original MCM bags have their price and hardly anyone will simply charge so much too little for them. Find out exactly how much your new bag costs (via an MCM boutique, the official MCM website or other trustworthy online shops such as net-a-porter or mytheresa) and compare the second-hand prices of your model. You should also pay close attention to where you shop – if a website looks dubious or dubious, it is better to listen to your gut instinct and keep looking.