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How to tell fake or genuine La Martina: the top clues

fake vs genuine La Martina

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine La Martina fashion and accessories? Our guide outlines the clue to look for to avoid counterfeits.

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Born in the elite polo world of Argentina, La Martina started off crating high end saddles and polo equipment. From there, they moved into fashion that is sought after both on and off the polo event scene. Because it has become a cult brand among the polo set, there are many counterfeit versions around — especially of their famed polo shits.

Ways to tell fake vs genuine La Martina

Below are the best clues to tell fake vs genuine La Martina polo shirts and other fashion. Check for these factors in any La Martina fashion you are thinking of buying. If you are buying online, ask the seller to show you the hologram tags, and ask for a money back guarantee if the item arrives and doesn’t have them. If the seller won’t show you, or guarantee, they are most likely selling counterfeits.

The best safeguard is of course to only buy from the authorised stores as listed on the La Martina website.

La Martina Poloshirt Label

La Martina polo shirts have a unique serial number on the label, which can also be found as a “code” on the label on the shirt or polo shirt and must be identical. In order to ensure that the wrong serial number is not easily recognized in the case of a counterfeit, it is often concealed by product counterfeiters with a sticker.

fake vs genuine La Martina

La Martine Product Pendant/Label

La Martina polo shirt hologram

The holograms that are on the label in the garment are welded on and are therefore inseparable from the label. They also last after hundreds of washing sands. If you hold the hologram against light, it shimmers very vividly in a 3D effect.

In the case of counterfeits, the 3D effect is not as pronounced or missing completely. In addition, the holograms can be removed from the label with something. The production of holograms is very difficult for product pirates to copy.

fake vs genuine La Martina

Pendant label with hologram

Sewn-in label with hologram