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How to tell fake vs genuine Gucci

fake vs genuine Gucci

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What are the best ways to tell fake vs genuine Gucci luggage and handbags? Our guide will show you the clues to avoid being ripped off by a fake.

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This time, we take a closer look at the bags of the Italian luxury brand Gucci. This label has also been targeted by counterfeiters for years, so we’ll show you how to avoid a fake purchase of Gucci products.

Ways to tell fake vs genuine Gucci

fake vs genuine Gucci

1. Samples and material
Original Gucci bags are of course only made of the highest quality materials and are perfectly processed. Make sure that bags with the well-known Guccissima (“GG”) are always symmetrical and clearly printed.


fake vs genuine Gucci

For leather handbags, the logo is always punched in and not printed. A close look at seams and processing of the threads can also reveal a forgery, as these are often not processed cleanly in case of plagiarism.

2. Hot embossing
All Gucci bags contain a Gucci lettering “® GUCCI made in Italy”, which is always inside the bag. While this is mounted on a leather tab on newer models, in older models the leather with the embossing was sewn directly into the inner lining. 

Also, for the logo, make sure that the letters are symmetrical and have the same height. By the way, the left part of the letter is a bit thicker with the “U”, so it’s best to take a close look at the lettering, because you can already see the first signs of fake products.

3. Metal applications

fake vs genuine Gucci

Since all the metal parts on the bag are made of solid materials, they should also feel heavy. If you discover light-looking applications on the bag, it may be a fake. 

Also note that the zippers of the zippers and other metal applications such as carabiner hooks almost always bear the lettering “Gucci”. The zipper should also be opened and closed without any problems and should not be hooked, because designer labels like Gucci always pay attention to the perfect workmanship and functionality of their products.

4. Model number
On the back of the leather tab there is a model or serial number for all newer original Gucci bags. The number is 10 to 13 digits and is divided into 2 lines, with the first line providing information about the pocket model. If a bag doesn’t contain a model number at all, or if it’s very thinly printed or punched, you’re unlikely to hold an original Gucci bag in your hands. 

If you are not sure about the serial number, check Gucci’s official website to find out the model number your bag should carry and compare it to the number in your bag. Also note that for vintage models, the first series of numbers of the model number may be interrupted by a hyphen or a period.