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How to tell a fake vs genuine Fjällräven Kanken backpack

fake vs genuine Fjällräven K'nken backpack

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What are the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Fjällräven Kanken backpack? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues and what to watch out for to avoid fakes.

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The Fjällräven Kanken backpack is available in 18 finishes and various colours, including Kanken Big, Kanken Mini, the particularly robust G-1000 Kanken and the Re-Kanken made of recycled plastic bottles.


The Fjällräven Kanken comes from the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven AB, which was founded in 1960. The term Fjällräven means polar fox in Swedish and is therefore also found as an image in the company logo. Fjällräven revolutionized the market for outdoor equipment and functional clothing in the 1960s with new improved thermal fabrics. Today’s range of Fjällräven ranges from outdoor clothing to tents and tent accessories, sleeping bags, hunting accessories, backpacks and bags, to purses.

The Kanken backpack is available in 18 finishes and various colours, including Kanken Big, Kanken Mini, the particularly robust G-1000 kanken and the Re-Kanken made of recycled plastic bottles.

The design is simple and has the Fjällräven logo made of reflective material. The backpack has a large main compartment that can be opened forward (front loader), a front pocket with zipper and two side pockets. There is a carrying handle on the top. The upper covers the sturdy zippers and protects them from rain.

In addition, the Kanken has a removable seat cushion, which provides back padding in the backpack.

Fjällräven Fox logo

fake vs genuine Fjällräven K'nken backpack

The logo of the Kanken reflects, so that one is seen in the dark — and is one of the best ways to fake vs genuine Fjällräven K’nken backpack. In the case of fraudulent fake, however, the logo does not reflect.

Fjällräven Kanken Material

The real Fjällräven Kanken is made of Vinylon-F material. This material is firm, rough and robust. When touched, you can immediately feel that the surface is tough.

Fjällräven Fakes are mostly made of soft fabric. The fabric is also often significantly thinner than the original. Even at a distance, the wrong material can often be recognized by its shine or glow, the real material is always matte.

Fjällräven Backpack seams and zipper

fake vs genuine Fjällräven K'nken backpack

The Fjällräven Kanken is known for its good and stable workmanship. Especially the zippers are firm and robustly processed in the original. The real Kanken has double seams that are clean, straight and stable sewn. The backpack gives the visual impression to last a long time.
Not so the Kanken fake. This often has poorly sewn zips that pull threads. The seams do not appear durable.

In addition, on the Kanken zippers on the main compartment and the front compartment on one side, fjällräven (with YKK branding) are shown on one side and the fox logo on the other side.

Backpack side pockets and front pocket

In the side pockets of the Fjällräven Kanken Original you can easily put a 500ml bottle in. The front pocket also has a certain depth, which allows it to fill it reasonably generously.

In fjällräven counterfeiting, these sewn-on bags are very flat and tight. It is difficult to put a bottle in the side pocket without much pressure and there is hardly any space in the front compartment.

Fjällräven Kanken Label

If the backpack is Even resupplied, there is still a label on the outside, which is attached to the Fjällräven Original with a rough, robust thread. 

In addition, the original label contains the colour with number and a barcode. In the case of Fjällräven Fake, this can be completely absent.
On the label is the royal coat of arms of Sweden. This has several colors. In the fake it is often only depicted in monochrome.

Fjällräven Kanken Snaps

On the push-buttons of the original the fox logo is shown on the top and on the bottom the word “WASA 6” is written.

Fjällräven Kanken Label

You can also recognize the real Kanken by the sewn-in label inside the backpack. Right below the label is a small Swedish flag of fabric sewn on. The Kanken imitat lacks this flag.

Kanken seat cushion

The removable seat cushion typical of the Kanken, which can also be used as a back cushion in the backpack, is uniform and thick in the original. In the case of counterfeiting, the upholstery is rather thin, uneven and dented.

Serious Fjällräven online shops

Fjällraven does not sell its products in outlet shops. Only the original Fjällraven website and officially approved sellers offer the real products. Fake shops usually only accept credit card payments.