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How to tell fake vs genuine Diesel jeans

fake vs genuine Diesel jeans

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What are the best ways to tell fake vs genuine Diesel jeans? Our illustrated guide show you how to avoid counterfeit Diesel jeans.

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The brand name Diesel was invented in 1978 by the Italian fashion designer Renzo Rosso, who bought the company in 1985 and is still the owner and managing director. Diesel stands for innovative trendy design. The jeans model “Saddle” was widely used in the 1990s. Today the models are called Matic, Thavar & Co. The fashion pope Christian Audigier was also the chief designer for Diesel in the denim area. Diesel is a cult and never gets boring, Diesel’s T-shirts and jeans are legendary and the Italian Fashion is in demand like never before.

Clue to tell fake vs genuine Diesel jeans

Label at the waistband of the diesel

Diesel jeans have up to four labels (tags) sewn in. The labels are always sewn in to the left of the main vertical seam under the waistband. The label of the main label is always embroidered/woven, unlike the other patches, which are mostly printed. The etiquette bears the Indian head as the diesel logo. 

The logo is embroidered with the lettering “DIESEL – ONLY THE BRAVE – DIESEL”. In addition, the label shows the jeans size with the designation “Size” for the width on the waistband. The most important feature is the safety thread (so-called micro-stitching) at the bottom of the main label (see own description on this page). 

Variations of the main label

Older models still have the country of manufacture embroidered. If there is not “Made in Italy” but another country such as Tunisia, it can still be an original diesel jeans, since diesel does not produce exclusively in Italy. 

The second Label usually contains care instructions. The third sign notes on the manufacturing process and on “side effects” such as dyeing behaviour of the denim fabric. A fourth shield can be optionally available and provide information about the material of the type plate above the rear right back pocket.

Tell fake vs genuine Diesel jeans

Microstitching on the label of diesel jeans

The most important feature to recognize whether you have an original or a plagiarism in front of you is the so-called micro-stitch (microstitching) at the bottom of the main label. This is a fine silver stripe woven into the label. 

The strip shimmers more or less strongly depending on the light. If you look closely or with a magnifying glass, you can see that the word “DIESEL” is repeated on the strip and that “normal” and “on the head” can be read alternately. If there is no font on the strip, it is a forgery. If the strip is not sewn in, it is also a fake or plagiarism.

Safety thread (micro-stitching) on diesel jeans label