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How to tell fake or genuine Ugg boots

fake or genuine Ugg boots

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine Ugg boots? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues, their changes over time, and how to avoid counterfeits.

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Due to its popularity, UGG Australia has become a popular target for counterfeiters and product pirates. The quality of counterfeit goods is getting better every year, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between original and counterfeit UGG boots. For this reason, pay attention to where you buy UGG shoes and that the features described here apply.

Online shops for UGG boots

UGG Australia products are officially only available through authorized dealers. Since there are now many authorized online shops, we recommend that you only buy there. Otherwise, the risk of falling for counterfeiters is very high.

Important: Websites with the name “UGG” in the URL (with the exception of the UGG homepage www.uggaustralia.com or www.uggaustralia.de) are fundamentally not authentic and are operated by dealers who sell counterfeits.

Best ways to tell fake or genuine Ugg boots

Update on Ugg security features in 2017

UGG has been changing its brand strategy since 2017. In particular, the brand name changes from “UGG Australia” to “UGG”. This affects the products, packaging, signage, marketing materials and security features.
UGG has given us the following statement regarding the security features:

We changed our security features very recently and the latest models no longer all have the QR code on the inside label . A certificate of authenticity is no longer included with all orders . Usually it is now on a sticker on one of the shoes. Our boxes now also have new features, including a sticker with rounded corners and a barcode with a red (and sometimes blue) narrow bar, as well as the additional sticker from Deckers on Shaftesbury Avenue in London.

fake or genuine Ugg boots

UGG security features since autumn 2013

In the case of original UGG shoes that have been manufactured since autumn 2013, a safety label is sewn into the left shoe / boot and / or a safety sticker is stuck to the shoe box and is one of the best ways to tell fake or genuine Ugg boots.

fake or genuine Ugg boots

You can use the security label to determine whether your UGG product is genuine.

How to check if your UGG product is genuine

A so-called QR code is printed on the sewn-in security label. This code is individual for each UGG shoe. Proceed as follows to check whether your shoe is genuine:

  1. Take your smartphone and open an app that allows you to scan QR codes. (You can find corresponding apps in your app store using the “QR code scanner” viewfinder)
  2. Scan the security label
  3. There should be a website with the URL http://qr.uggaustralia.com/… Open that reads: “Thank you. We confirm that you have purchased authentic UGG product “(Thank you. We confirm that you have bought an original UGG product)
fake or genuine Ugg boots

You should also see a picture of your Ugg boat and its name, model, color and size.
If the page does not open or if you see another shoe or incorrect information, please contact a UGG dealer, as this could be a counterfeit.

Reflective UGG security stripe

In addition to the QR code, a silver-colored and reflective stripe with a sun logo is printed on the label and is one of the best ways to tell fake or genuine Ugg boots. If you move the label (tilt 90 °), the color of the sun symbol and the background changes between light-silver and dark-silver.

Alternative positions of the security label

If no security label has been sewn in, please check
– Is a security label stuck to the sole of the left shoe?
– Is the safety label stuck on a package insert for children’s shoes?

UGG security features prior to fall 2013

UGG security label with hologram

Since autumn 2010, UGG boots and boots have been labeled with a security label. An oval security label can be found on the UGG box.

fake or genuine Ugg boots
fake or genuine Ugg boots

In addition, a square UGG security label is sewn into the shoe together with the size label and the material content label.

Both security labels show sun logos. The color of the sun logos must change from black to white if you turn the sticker 90 degrees.

UGG boots on eBay

Authorized UGG dealers are prohibited from selling on eBay. This means that UGG boots offered on eBay are not sold authorized and could be counterfeited.

Characteristics of UGG counterfeits

Take a close look at your UGG shoes. If they have one or more of the following characteristics, it is very likely to be a counterfeit:

  • Original shoes are not sold in a canvas bag or a cloth bag
  • Fake UGG boots are delivered with a pendant or chain.
  • The heel of counterfeit boots often looks crooked when viewed from the rear
  • The processing of UGG counterfeits is poor and the color of the seams or yarn is not identical to the color of the sheepskin leather.
  • The UGG label on the boot heel is often wrong at counterfeits
  • The country of manufacture is “Made in Zealand” or “Made in Australia” on the label in the shoe or on the carton. Original UGGs products are made in China.
  • Counterfeits are noticeable due to an intense chemical smell (like glue)
  • In the case of counterfeits, the insole often has the same color as the fur. In real UGG boots, the insole is always light beige regardless of the color of the fur.