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How to tell fake or genuine Timberland boots

fake or genuine Timberland boots

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine Timberland boots? Our illustrated guide will give you the clues to avoid being ripped off by counterfeits.

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Best ways to tell fake or genuine Timberland boots

The classic Timberland boot with rubber sole and branded logo is not only found in everyday life or sporting use, but is also particularly popular in New York and New England’s hip-hop scene and among construction workers.

The beige-yellow yellow boot, which is now available in many colors and designs, was the first Timberland product to be sold. Its sole is directly sealed with the water-repellent upper, so that no water can penetrate the shoe

Timberland logo

The registered trademark, which is represented as an R surrounded by a circle, can be found under the sole of the real Timberland boots both in the lettering of the Timberland logo and next to the tree in the logo. If this is missing in one or both places, it is a forgery.

In the case of a Timberland fake, the tree can also be displayed somewhat differently than in the Timberland original. Here it is advisable to compare the logo with the original logo of the Timberland website. The logo of the real Timberland is also on the insole and the side of the shoe again.

Timberland boot sole

fake or genuine Timberland boots

You may also recognize a Timberland fake by the sole. The sole of an original Timberland shoe is clean and neatly processed. The lines are sharp and clean. The fraudulent fake, on the other hand, can have scratched or dirty soles. The lines are often not exactly offset here. The sole may be in a different color than the original and sometimes even see-through.

Timberland boot heel

fake or genuine Timberland boots

The original product has a neatly finished heel that aligns perfecly with the shoe. The Timberland fake often has an inaccurately processed heel that closes uncleanly with the shoe.

Timberland shoelace eyelets

fake or genuine Timberland boots

The shoelace eyelets of the original Timberland boots are branded, neatly processed and round on the inside of the shoe. If the eyelets are badly glued, made of plastic or split on the inside of the shoe, this shoe is a copy of Timberland. The original men’s shoe always has 7 eyelets, original women’s shoes have 6 eyelets.

Stitching of the Timberland boots

fake or genuine Timberland boots

If you discover odd or loose seams on the Timberland boot, you are dealing with a Timberland imitation. The original Timberland boots are straight and stably sewn and do not pull any threads. The seams are also neatly finished inside the shoe. Visible adhesive residues can only be found on a copy!

Article number of the original Timberland boot

You will find the article number inside the real Timberland shoe. If this article number does not match the design of the shoe, it is a fake.

Report counterfeits to Timberland

If you suspect that a retailer or website offers counterfeit products under the Timberland name, you can report counterfeit products on the Timberland website .