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How to tell fake or genuine Louboutin shoes

fake or genuine Louboutin shoes

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine Louboutin shoes? Our guide will identify the clues so you can avoid being caught by counterfeiters.

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Hardly any shoe is as elegant, swarming and coveted as that of the luxury label Louboutin . The characteristic red sole is considered striking branding by Louboutin and has therefore repeatedly been targeted by imitators in recent years.

Best ways to tell fake or genuine Louboutin shoes 

We’ll tell you how to recognize real Louboutins and how to expose fakes, using the clues outlined below.


The red sole is the hallmark and one of the first ways to fake or genuine Louboutin shoes. But caution is also required here, because numerous other brands such as Buffalo have recently also been offering high heels with a bright red sole. The original sole of the Louboutins is shiny and in a bright red tone, only rarely does it appear in an orange-red. Therefore, in addition to the color, always pay close attention to the stamp. With originals, the engraving is structured as follows:

  1. Logo by Christian LouboutinLouboutin shoes
  2. “Made in Italy” lettering
  3. Shoe size always in EU size, half numbers are given with 1/2, e.g. 38 1/2

With older models it can happen that another stamp with “Vero Cuoio” was placed between the logo and the “Made in Italy” lettering. It is also best to take a close look at whether the sole has many bumps, because this is usually the first sign that it is a fake product.



As with all luxury brands, Louboutin shoes are made from high quality materials and are of the highest quality. Therefore, make sure that the edges of the leather sole are sealed and that all seams have been processed precisely and straight. With regard to the material, you can also do the odor test without problems, because you can usually tell by this whether it is genuine leather or a cheap replacement material. Also make sure that the inscription “Christian Louboutin Paris” is present on the inside of the shoe, but that it is also correctly written and neatly incorporated.


Louboutin shoes

When buying, always make sure that the shoes are packed in original parts. Original Louboutins, for example, are always sold in a dust bag that contains the words “Christian Louboutin” and “Paris” arranged below on the right. Therefore, especially when buying Secon handpieces, ask about the dust bag. The bag is red and, like the shoes, is of high quality. Saying protruding threads and poor quality and processing of the dust bag also indicate a fake. 

Beware of alleged authenticity cards, because these do not exist with original Louboutin products at all. So anyone who presents you with such a fake proof of authenticity is most likely not dealing with originals, but with plagiarism, so stay away from it. Always ask for the original shoebox and compare the model and the size of the shoe on the box with the model you bought or would like to buy.