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How to tell fake or genuine Converse Chucks

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What are the best ways to tell fake or genuine Converse Chucks? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues to avoid being ripped off by counterfeits.

The trendy trainers from Converse are authentic, legendary and at the same time top-of-the-line. The Chuck Taylor All Star, developed in 1923 as a basketball shoe, has cult status.

Everyone knows them and many of us love the comfortable sneakers from Sneakers by Converse. The trend shoe from Converse was designed back in 1923 and originally developed as a basketball shoe. Since then, the legendary shoes have achieved cult status around the world and have now been sold almost a billion times.

Stars like James Dean or Elvis already wore the trendy Chucks in their time and the hype about the sporty shoe is still unbroken today. Converse All Star are the perfect shoes for leisure. No matter if you wear your Converse shoes casual with jeansCombine it or wear it with a cute mini dress with a floral print: The original Chuck Taylor goes with almost every look.

There are two versions, as a low or high top model. Depending on the variant, you can get an original Converse in different places. Differentiate a shoe from a fake. So that you are well prepared when buying your new Converse sneakers and know what to look out for, you will find the most important identifying features of the original Converse in our fake check.

As always, the following applies: the least features can be seen as an exclusion criterion alone. Mostly it depends on the interaction of the factors. If, after carefully reading our fake guide, you are still unsure whether you are holding the Original Converse in your hands, then better stay away from it. It could be a fake!

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Ways to tell fake or genuine Converse Chucks

Converse Chucks have been the most famous and well-known sneakers for decades. That’s why they are often falsified. Below you will find product features that will help you to tell fake or genuine Converse Chucks.

Converse Chuck Taylor Logo

The Converse Patch is a round thin layer of rubber on the side of the shoe and bears the Converse logo. The diameter of the patch is approx. 4.6 cm and is usually smaller for fakes. The rubber is firmly applied to the fabric and must not detach even with strong buckling. Fakes have inferior adhesive, and the rubber will start to detach very quickly. So bend the logo a few times and see if the rubber starts to lift off the shoe.

The logo print on the patch must be placed in the middle and bears the lettering “Converse All Star” and “Chuck Taylor” as well as the blue star in the middle. In fake Converse Chucks, the emblem is often not colorfast and blurs with the finger when rubbed more. In addition, in the case of counterfeits, the font often deviates from the logo shown below.

Converse All Star logo must Also not be blurred. If the logo is not clear and sharp, it is another sign that you are looking at a pair of fake shoes.

One of the most important identifying features of the high top chucks is the logo patch on the inside of the shoe.

An original Converse shoe always has the round logo patch on the inside of the shoe. The patch itself consists of a thin, round rubber layer. The diameter of an original Converse shoe is exactly 4.6 cm. The patches of fakes are usually a bit smaller. On the logo patch you can find the words “Converse All Star” in capital letters and the name of the model “Chuck Taylor”. A five-pointed star is placed in the middle, which defines the typical Converse look.

In addition, the ® symbol can often be found on the logo of fake Converse shoes. It is the mark for a registered trademark. Original Chucks haven’t integrated the “R” into their logo since 2008! However, you could still use a vintage Converse model second handadvised, which is branded with the old logo. Then the logo on your high top chucks also contains the ® symbol. All original models that were produced after 2008 certainly no longer have the “R” integrated into the logo. So keep your eyes open! In contrast to the high top models, low top chucks do not have a logo on the inside. Here you have to switch to other identifying features.

Logo lettering on the heel

All Chuck Taylor sneakers from Converse have a rubber patch on the heel. The patch is rectangular and branded with the words “Converse All Star”. Depending on the model, the font can be black or white. If you cannot find a logo lettering on the heel of the Converse shoes of your choice, then better stay away from the offer! You could almost certainly be holding a fake in your hands.

Decorative stitching

For a long time, the decorative stitching on the white sole was a distinguishing feature of the original Converse sneakers. However, since Converse launched the “Chuck Taylor 2” in 2015, it is no longer possible to rush to refer to the decorative stitching when looking for fake indicators. The new models of the “Chuck Taylor 2” are equipped with a completely white sole – without decorative seams. The original design of the Chucks is still available and has not been changed.

The classic Chuck Taylor are therefore still provided with the striking decorative stitching, which can vary in color depending on the model. Basically, the seam should be neatly processed and the sole should be separated straight in the middle. Wobbly lines or unclean seams indicate poor workmanship and thus a fake. Most of the vintage models that you can buy second hand are the original Chuck Taylor design. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the decorative stitching as an authentication feature.

Converse shoe tongue

In order to use the tongue of an original Converse shoe as a distinguishing feature, it is again relevant whether it is a low or high top model. The Converse All Star lettering is attached to the tongue of every low top model – but not on the high top models. Traditionally, this is a thin, rectangular canvas fabric that was sewn onto the tongue of the shoe.

However, there are also original Converse models that are simply printed on. Regardless of whether it is sewn or printed: The logo should be clearly recognizable. Fuzzy lettering or poor workmanship of the seams should immediately make you suspicious. It could be a fake. No matter if low or high top: the flap contains a small sewn-in on the inside

Converse All Star Shoe Cap

fake vs genuine Converse Chucks

The rubber cap of all Converse All Star shoes is smooth and round. Dents and uneven processing indicate counterfeits and are one of the ways to tell fake or genuine Converse Chucks. 

Converse soles

The sole of the Original Converse also provides you with some identifying features for authentication.

Inner sole: The word “Converse” is printed in capital letters on the inner sole of every Chucks . As with all other logos, the print should be sharp and clearly recognizable. In the case of vintage models, this can of course be a little worn off and does not have to be a sign of a fake. As new, however, all Converse sneakers should have the lettering on the insole.

Outsole: On the outsole there are also hints as to whether you are dealing with an original or a fake. So check now whether you can discover anything unusual here. With every original Converse shoe you will find a small part on the outsole in which the Converse logo is integrated. Here you should again find the words “Converse All Star” in capital letters and a five-pointed star. You will also be able to spot a very small, hexagonal star in the corner. This notice is almost always missing with fake models.

Converse Chucks Labels

Original Chucks are always delivered with tags/labels. If the Chucks have a strong smell of solvents, this is also an indication that it is a forgery.

Converse sellers

Converse sneakers are among the most famous shoes worldwide and are bought by countless fashion lovers every year. No wonder that there are a lot of fakes on the market and hope for good faith buyers. Caution is advised with online retailers on portals such as Ebay & Co. Apparently original Converse shoes are offered here from just a few euros. Caution is required! Fortunately, there are now enough trustworthy sellers from whom you can buy the original Converse. In the official shop of Converse you will find the cool models in all versions and of course the latest special editions. You can also buy your Converse shoes with a clear conscience from certified retailers. But if you are looking for a coveted vintage model, second hand shopping is worthwhile!