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How to tell a fake or genuine Burberry scarf

fake or genuine Burberry scarf

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How can you tell a fake or genuine Burberry scarf? Our guide will outline the key factors to watch out for.

Burberry is one of the UK’s most popular and well-known fashion labels. The famous check pattern plaid pattern in the colours red, white and black on beige background is the Burberry scarf original pattern and the trademark of the renowned British label.

The Burberry scarf is one of the most popular products from british fashion label Burberry. The high reputation, the high prices and the exclusive sales strategy make the products this fashion brand a particularly popular destination for counterfeiters so before you buy one you should learn how to tell if it is a fake or genuine Burberry scarf . 

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 Key factors to tell if it is a fake or genuine Burberry scarf: authenticate Burberry scarf details

  • A new Burberry scarf costs at least $300. Counterfeiters offer Burberry scarves at a fraction of the price.
    Prices that are over 30% cheaper can usually not be serious
  • Counterfeits are often sold on marketplaces such as eBay. Buy only from trusted retailers (reviews > 99.5%, return option, detailed product photos, invoice available)
  • Don’t buy from rogue online stores
  • Compare your scarf with the info and pictures from the official Burberry homepage
  • Check your Burberry scarf for the product features described below

Therefore, be very careful and attentive when buying Burberry scarves.


fake or genuine Burberry scarf

A Burberry scarf is made from precious materials such as wool, cashmere and silk but does not contain synthetic fibers. The scarf should feel correspondingly soft and classy.

Whether your scarf shows the Classic Check, Giga Check or Nova Check Karo, the colours of the different check strips should be clearly distinguished from each other and 100% even and straight.

If in a cashmere scarf the fine cashmere fibres are several millimeters long or the impression arises that the colors run into each other (especially with black and red stripes), then it can be a forgery.

In a direct comparison between an original and a fake scarf you will notice that the original scarf is even softer than the fake. However, this is only noticeable in direct comparison.

For scarves with an additional dot pattern or heart pattern, check whether the pattern is woven or printed. Only scarves with woven patterns are original. If the pattern is printed, it is a forgery.

Burberry scarf fringe

fake or genuine Burberry scarf

The fringes of a real Burberry scarf are rotated/braided at the end of the scarf. The transition between scarf and fringe should be cleanly processed. The shell should not give the impression that it is thin or even holey.

The fringes should be evenly thick to the end and should not exceed a length of 7.5 cm.

The color of the fringes is identical to the fabric of the sash or strip eater, where the fringe starts. When changing colors between the stripes, the corresponding fringe is usually braided directly at the place of the color transition from both colors. Fringes consist of a maximum of two colors. The respective colour of the threads must be clearly recognizable and may only “run” into each other.

Burberry lettering

fake or genuine Burberry scarf

Note the following typography details when writing the BURBERRY lettering on the price tag or the patch:

  • “B” – the lower arc is wider than the upper
  • “U” – the left bar is thicker than the right
  • “R” – the slanted stroke makes a light arc
  • “E” – the lowest bar is longer than the middle and upper
  • “Y” – the left slant is thicker than the right

If the lettering and letters are not designed accordingly, this indicates a forgery.

Burberry scarf Tag/ Label/ Patch/Shield

fake or genuine Burberry scarf

On each original scarf there is a label, which is usually sewn on. Usually the Burberry scarf real tag is placed at the end of the sash near a corner. The content of a label has changed over the years. The current label may vary, but always shows the Burberry lettering:


In addition, the authentic Burberry scarf tag may still show the following information:

Made in Scotland” (or: Made in England)*
100% CASHMERE” (or Lambswool, Merino Wool, Silk, Linen)

* Burberry no longer manufactures exclusively in the UK, but also in The Countries of France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, India and China.

Make sure the label is perfectly sewn on to the Burberry scarf. In the case of counterfeits, it happens that the label is sewn up uncleanly and, for example, threads on the back of the sash hang loosely around.

Older patches also include the lettering “Burberrys OF LONDON” or “BURBERRY LONDON” and the addition “DRY CLEAN ONLY”

Burberry scarf care label

For scarves from the current collection, a sign is attached to the outside of the sash. There you will find information about the scarf, its size, as well as care instructions.

Burberry Pendant Tag

The sign is attached to the logo of the brandy with a fabric cord and a plastic seal.

The tag shows the following data:

  • Order No (Order Number)
  • Article (item number)
  • Colour
  • Size/Fit (Name & Size)
  • Barcode

Make sure all the data on your sign is present and match your Burberry scarf.

Scarf packaging

Burberry delivers its scarves in fine boxes. The cardboard shape can be either angular or round and vary in size, depending on the scarf. On the box, the Burberry Knight (Equestrian Knight) gold is printed glossy. The word “Prorsum” (forward) can be read in the lance flag. The knight must ride to the left.
As with the scarf, the cardboard is very classy and perfectly finished. In the case of counterfeiting, it happens that the cardboard halves do not fit neatly into each other or glue points can be seen.

Note: The published information may change or contain errors. We cannot not guarantee the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of the information provided. 

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