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How to tell a good casino from a bad one: what to watch out for

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This guide outlines the clues and critera for beginners to tell a good casino from ones they should not play in.

The number of online casinos available on the market today keeps growing. And you may sometimes feel lost, having no idea what online gaming hub to choose. However, it is not a reason to go with the very first online casino from the search result list since your gambling experience and safety highly depend on what you choose.

Clues to tell a good casino from a bad one

It is important to know the main selection criteria for a good casino and be able to evaluate casino operators. Once you learn a few tips, choosing real money casinos online will become much easier. There is quite a lot to analyze and take into account. So make sure that you take notes.

#1 — License & Regulation

This is the main point that you should pay attention to. The stricter and more authoritative the jurisdiction is, the safer the casino site is. Top-tier gambling authorities strive to enforce regulations to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity and protect players. Keeping security at the highest level costs money, so these licenses are usually expensive. Here are the top three licenses that you can trust:

  • The UKGC — One of the best licenses a casino can have is issued by the UK Gambling Commission. The British regulator is actively monitoring its licensees and has developed rules that make gambling safe and responsible. This is a local license that only applies to the UK, but with rare exceptions, operators also accept players from other countries;
  • The Authority of Curacao — Unlike the UK, Curacao has taken a very loose approach to licensing and industry oversight. As a result, choosing a Curacao casino without prior research is quite risky;
  • The Gaming Commission of Malta — Malta has become an ideal option for many casinos as it is not as expensive and demanding as the UK, but it still sets high quality standards. It is an internationally recognized document that allows companies to access multiple markets at the same time.

An authoritative license is an important characteristic of a casino, but it is not a guarantee of its service quality. It just means that the chances of you being treated unfairly will be significantly less.

#2 — Variety of Games

This is a criterion that can hardly be overestimated. Games are the reason players join casinos. The center of any casino lobby is one-armed bandits, but live and table/card games are no less significant. The quality of the games varies as they are produced by many different quality developers. NetEnt, Yggdrasil, BTG, Quickspin, and Microgaming are among the leading online casino software providers right now. So we recommend that you give preference to online casinos geared by the above solutions.

Apart from the gambling software quality, the selection of games must be varied and exciting to suit the demands of players with different tastes. There should be both classic and innovative slot machines; games progressive jackpots, unique mechanics, low / medium / high volatility games, etc.

#3 — Bonuses & Promotions

Deposit rewards have become an integral part of the industry. And while this aspect is not as crucial as the legitimacy of the online gambling operator and the variety of games, it can still be a deciding factor when choosing a casino. Typically, good casinos offer a welcome bonus, match offers, free spins, and loyalty programs. There are also weekly promotions (reload bonuses, cashback) that keep existing customers rolling. So if you are up for free gaming credits, then you should explore the bonus section at a casino before registering an account there.

#4 — Timely Payouts

This is another essential feature of a great casino. It’s not fun to wait a few days for your payment, especially when there is no reason for such delays. Today, the best online casino spends from several minutes to several hours processing any type of transaction.

Withdrawal requests from verified accounts are processed within a few hours, while unverified players may be asked to first send documents for verification. Once done, it will already be possible to deposit money for withdrawal. The speed of payments also depends on the choice of the payment system as well.

#5 — Customer Support

Quality customer support is sometimes overlooked. It is not always clear from the start whether support is helpful or not. If it is a problem that you are stuck with, there are some signs of unprofessional customer support that you should pay attention to. Being rude is one of them; the inability to answer simple questions is another thing that should worry you. If casino employees are hesitant and unsure about simple situations, they are likely to be useless in solving serious issues.

The best online casino support team is polite, helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any question to help players. Live chat is usually the most common option alongside email. Some operators additionally provide their phone numbers.

#6 — Player Reviews

There is a small difficulty with reviews — they can be conflicting as everyone looks at the same product differently. Keep this in mind and at the same time try to distinguish fake reviews from real ones. There are reasons why people leave negative or positive fake reviews; you just need to be aware of this practice.

One would assume that the best operators will not have negative feedback from players, but this is not the case — there will always be dissatisfied ones. All casinos are criticized by players, but the share of dissatisfied customers will be less compared to happy ones. The best way to find out if online casinos really offer good or bad service is to pay attention to the facts. Players detail why they think about the operator in the way they justify their negative views.

Gamble responsibly

Always gamble responsibly, and seek help if you think you are suffering from a gambling addiction.