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How to tell a fake vs genuine Rolex

fake vs genuine Rolex

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What are the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Rolex watch? Our guide outlines the things to look for so you can avoid being ripped off by counterfeits.

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There is hardly a label that is more sought after and more luxurious when it comes to wristwatches than the watch manufacturer Rolex . This is also the reason why the label is clearly one of the brands that are most often counterfeited worldwide. We show you what features you need to pay attention to when buying an original  Rolex watch so that you don’t fall into the trap of counterfeiters.

Best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Rolex watch


fake vs genuine Rolex

The engraving can give you the first indication of whether it is a fake product. Almost all original Rolex watches do not have an engraving on the back of the watch case, but have a smooth structure. There are exceptions, however, for example for models from the 90s or for limited watches such as the quartz model (number Rolex). You should also take a close look at supposedly Rolex watches with a glass back, because apart from vintage models from the 30s, the label has not made such watches. If you are not sure whether your Rolex watch is an exception, it is best to have it examined by an expert or you can simply ask Rolex directly.


Until 2007, all original Rolex watches were provided with a hologram sticker. Since 2002 it has included the famous golden Rolex crown, which is placed over the black reference number. In previous years the crown was not included in the hologram as a trademark and the numbers of the reference numbers were not printed in black, but in gold. The 3D effect is particularly important for the hologram sticker, because many counterfeits are only provided with a two-dimensional or silver-colored sticker.


fake vs genuine Rolex Lupe watch

With the exception of the Sea Dweller model, all original Rolex watch glasses are equipped with a magnifying glass on the glass. This is positioned exactly above the date display and enlarges the date by a factor of 2.5 compared to the original size. Due to the poor quality, many counterfeits only contain a factor of 1.5 or deceive the buyer by simply printing the digits of the date larger and simply pretending to enlarge them. You should also make sure that the date display always fills the entire area.


Depending on the model, the minute hand can also indicate whether it is a forgery. All minute hands of the Yacht Masters  and Submariner models are thicker than those of the Rolex sports models. Many fake models are provided with a thinner one, but are only used for the sport models in the case of originals. All Daytona models, on the other hand, have a long minute hand and all newer models have a slightly rounded minute hand. This extends to the lines on the dial that represent the minutes. If you hold a supposedly real Daytona with a rather short and square pointer in your hands, it is probably not an original Rolex watch.

fake vs genuine Rolex Submariner
Daytona watch


Many luxury labels label their products with serial numbers to make it harder for counterfeiters to work and to offer customers the opportunity to check the authenticity of the product. The Swiss luxury label Rolex also uses this and assigns a serial number to each watch. This is located on the inside of the housing between the lugs at 6 o’clock. Always make sure that the engraving on an original Rolex watch is very fine and shimmers in the light like a diamond engraving. Fake products, on the other hand, often have a blunt and squeezed engraving. It is also striking that many counterfeits often have the same serial number. An example of this is the number R863698, if your Rolex watch has this, it is very likely that it is not an original.