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How to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set

to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set

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What are the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set bag? Our guide outlines the key clues to look for so you can avoid the counterfeits.

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Although the fashion label Michael Kors is still relatively young in contrast to many other fashion houses, it has been one of the most popular worldwide, especially with regard to bags and accessories. This is also the reason why the cult brand has long been the target of counterfeiters. 

Ways to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set

So that you do not fall into the trap, we will tell you what to look out for so that you can to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set from a plagiarism.


fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set

During the fake check, always pay attention to the processing of the products, because this can already reveal something about the authenticity and is one of the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set. Seams that are crooked and frayed or that are not evenly spaced from the edge of the bag are a real indication that it is not an original Michael Kors jet set bag. In addition, do the smell test, because you can quickly expose cheap materials such as plastic, glue or other chemicals, and of course that has no place in an original Michael Kors bag.


Any Original Michael Kors Jet Set has an individual serial number. This is usually placed somewhat hidden and is composed as follows: 1 to 2 letters + 4 digits. The letters stand for the model of the bags, the Jet Set bag is identified by a “B”. The numbers represent the year and month of production. If you still have an older Michael Kors bag without a serial number in your closet, this is not a cause for concern, because with older models there may also be no number. However, when buying a new bag, you should always keep your eyes open, because many counterfeits do not have this number. However, do not be confused by the “Made in China” lettering, because many of the original bags are actually made there.


fake vs genuine Michael Kors Jet Set

A closer look at the golden Michael Kors Charm so characteristic of all Michael Kors bags can also be worthwhile. Usually this has a thickness of 3 mm for all originals, but for counterfeits the charm is often much thinner and unstable. Check the logo in the charm for clean processing and whether all edges run evenly and there are no material residues on it. The letters of the lettering are arranged closely to each other in all Original Michael Kors bags and have the same distance between the letters. The embossing of the lettering is also relatively deep, if this is not the case, you are most likely not holding an original in your hands.

4. LOGO 

Michael Kors tag

Inside the Michael Kors Jet Set there is always a sewn-in logo on a tab. In the case of originals, the edges are rounded and always neatly processed, while forgeries often have sharp edges and threads that stick out. Always make sure that the color of the flap matches the color of the bag and that the seam has been chosen to match the leather flap.