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How to tell a fake vs genuine Chloe bag

fake vs genuine Chloe bag

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What are the signs to tell a fake vs genuine Chloe bag? Our illustrated guide will give you the information you need to avoid being ripped off by counterfeiters.

So that you are well prepared for the purchase of your dream Chloé bag, we have summarized important tips for you that will help you to avoid falling into the trap of buying fakes unawares.


Always pay attention to the font and letters of the original Chloé label as a first step to tell a fake vs genuine Chloe bag. It is important, for example, that the accent on the “e” is always present, and many bad forgeries forget this detail. It is also striking that the lettering is only capitalized, the “C”, the rest is always in lower case. For comparison, it’s best to go directly to the official Chloé website to be 100 percent sure you have the right logo on the screen.

fake vs genuine Chloe bag


In any case, take a closer look at the seams and their processing. Loose threads or crooked seams are a clear indication of a counterfeit. Original Chloé handbags score with a high quality nylon seam that is straight and tight. Fakes, on the other hand, often uses thin and low-quality threads.


To tell a fake vs genuine Chloe bag, start off ywith a smell test. Chloé of course only uses the highest quality materials such as calf leather and you can smell that too. If you have the feeling that there are any chemical or synthetic smells in your nose, you should better stay away from it. Do not be fooled by real leather, because some fakes are made of real leather, but are spiced up by chemicals and in no way have the quality of the leather of a real Chloé bag. In addition to the smell test, you should also check the texture of the bag. As already mentioned, Chloé mostly uses high-quality calf leather and this should not only be soft, but also have a crispy structure. Fake bags, on the other hand, are often stiffer and the material looks a lot harder.


Each original Chloé bag usually has a serial number. This is normally in one of the inside pockets and is stamped on a separate leather flap. Make sure that the number is centered and that the embossing has not been printed. The number also almost always consists of six digits, with two digits separated by a hyphen. Nevertheless, it can also happen that the pattern of the serial number varies and, for example, contains additional letters.

fake vs genuine Chloe bag
fake vs genuine Chloe bag


The metal applications of the original bags are often made of brass and accordingly have a matt and brass-colored surface. You should definitely keep your hands off all bags that are equipped with extremely golden or shiny parts and look strikingly light. Nevertheless, there are also original bags with silver applications, but of course only made of the highest quality material and top quality. Also make sure that the color is always the same for all applications, only the zippers of the zips are kept in silver on many real Chloé bags.

fake vs genuine Chloe bag

We hope that these tips have helped you and that you do not fall into the trap of counterfeiters. You can find more fake checks here.