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How to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom

to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom

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What are the best ways to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom bag? Our guide outlines the best clues so you don’t get fooled by a plagiarism.

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For years, the brand is Céline has been among the most coveted luxury brands worldwide. One of the most famous and popular products of the fashion label is the famous Phantom Bag. All fashion bloggers and fashionistas are downright crazy about the elegant yet classic luxury bag. 

Ways to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom

We therefore take a closer look at the bag for you and show you how you can differentiate an original Celine Phantom from a counterfeit.


to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom

The majority of the Céline Phantom Bags have the Céline lettering and “Paris” in capital letters on the front of the bag. Nevertheless, there are also models in which the lettering is completely missing, which is why for the time being this is not a clear indication of a forgery when you want to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom. However, it is important that the accent is always present on the first “E” from Céline. If this is not the case, it is most likely not an original. Also always pay attention to the processing of the logo, i.e. the font should not have any quality defects.


to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom

Like all luxury brands, Celine uses only the highest quality materials. Always keep in mind that all Original Céline Phantom Bags are made of genuine leather and are therefore often heavier than fake products made of cheap materials, so this is one of the key ways to tell a fake vs genuine Celine Phantom bag. The best thing to do is always check the material by doing an odor test, because it usually reveals in just a few seconds whether it is an original or a fake. Another feature that can give you information about the authenticity of the Céline Phantom Bag are the handles of the bag. Always make sure that the handles of the original products are so short that you cannot usually carry the bag as a shoulder bag. If the handles are suspiciously long, this can be a real indication that you are not holding an original bag in your hands.


Serial number Celine bag

Each Original Céline Phantom Bag is equipped with a serial number, which is located on the inside of the bag on a leather patch. Always make sure that the corners of the leather bag are not rounded, but form a 90 degree angle. The serial number usually consists of 3 uppercase letters and four digits and can occur several times, i.e. the numbering does not have to be unique, but is assigned several times. The first letter and the next two letters are always separated by a hyphen.