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How to tell a fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket

fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues so you don’t get fooled by counterfeiters.

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Wellensteyn jackets have become real fashion highlights for men and women in recent years. The Wellensteyn winter jackets for women, for example from the Snow Magic collection, are particularly popular.

Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket

Wellensteyn jackets are the most successful products from the eponymous fashion label from Norderstedt near Hamburg. The high profile of the brand and the high prices make men’s jackets and women’s jackets from this fashion brand a popular target for counterfeiters. The Wellensteyn counterfeits are often offered at a fraction of the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

Wellensteyn brand logo – coat of arms with cross

fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket

The Wellensteyn brand logo is a coat of arms with a white cross on a red background and is reminiscent of the Swiss national coat of arms.

With Wellensteyn jackets you will always find the typical Wellensteyn logo on the left arm of the jacket. The coat of arms comes in different colors and shapes. In the case of jackets with a hood, there is almost always an additional logo on the hood.

Jacket lining with logo and lettering

The lettering and brand logo are embroidered in the neck area of ​​every Wellensteyn jacket. Make sure that the logo and the Wellensteyn lettering are embroidered clean and without errors. In the case of counterfeits, the embroidery is often uneven and frayed.

Zipper with Wellensteyn logo

fake or genuine Wellensteyn jacket

Wellensteyn jackets mostly have zippers for the pockets. Almost all slider handles on the Wellensteyn zippers have the Wellensteyn logo and sometimes also the Wellensteyn lettering on the zipper handle. In the case of counterfeits, these details are partially missing.

Buttons with the Wellensteyn logo

The Wellensteyn jackets are decorated with many buttons. Each button has a Wellensteyn lettering. Push buttons made of metal usually show the lettering “Wellensteyn Company”.

In addition, there are other variants of buttons on jacket models such as Quasar, Centurion or Ameriquest, which show the lettering “Wellensteyn” twice. Some jacket buttons also show the Wellensteyn logo. These details make counterfeiting difficult, luckily for us.