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How to tell a fake or genuine Versace belt

fake or genuine Versace belt

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Versace belt? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues so you don’t get ripped off by counterfeiters.

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The most famous trademark of the Versace label is the Medusa. It also shows the company’s logo and is on every item. The Medusa logo has its origins in Gianni Versace’s childhood, who was a big fan of the ancient Greek buildings of his homeland. The woman’s head still adorns every Versace product today, for example as a belt buckle.

The Italian luxury fashion house Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace in Milan. Versace is best known for its striking designs, patterns and bright colors. Despite some critics, many fashion enthusiasts were and still are very enthusiastic. Celebrities like Elton John designed stage outfits from the brand and Versace staged the actors of several plays. In addition to well-known models such as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffner, stars such as Madonna and Demi Moore also modeled for the Italian luxury brand. 

In addition to the striking clothing, Versace also offers accessories, glasses, fragrances and furniture. In order to convey the Italian Versace lifestyle even better, the label’s luxury hotels were also built.

Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Versace belt

Based on authenticity features, we will explain below how you can distinguish an original Versace belt from a Versace counterfeit.

Versace products with Certilogo

So that Versace customers can check the authenticity of the products, Versace uses the Certilogo security feature. The Certilogo is a twelve-digit security code (CLG) that is attached to every original item on the label.

This is either on the label, the tag or on the certificate of authenticity for watches. You can enter this code on the Certilogo website .

fake or genuine Versace belt

If your item does not receive a Certilogo code or if the code is incorrect after entry, it is a fake Versace belt.

Versace cloth bag

The packaging of the belt also provides information about whether it is a real Versace belt or a cheap fake product. Therefore, examine the dust bag and pay attention to its quality. A real belt from Versace is made of very high quality. If the fabric feels lumpy and thin, or if you can see loose threads, it is most likely a fake.

In addition to the dust bag, Versace belts are also supplied in a belt box. You should also take a close look at this box. With an original belt, the box is very well made and closes with a high-quality magnetic clasp. Also take a closer look at the logos and lettering on the packaging.

Versace belt buckle

Another authenticity feature is the processing of the belt buckle. Fake Versace belts often don’t have as detailed belt buckles as the original. The shimmer and reflection on the belt buckle can also be an indication of the authenticity of the product. With fake belts, the surface looks matt and the shimmer is often not as intense as with a real one.

The back of the buckle can also be helpful in detecting a fake. Take a closer look at the screws. Fakes often have larger and less well-made screws. There is also an engraving on the back of each Versace belt buckle with the name of the label. Examine this engraving for good workmanship and absolute correctness.

The quality of the leather

Versace is known as a luxury brand above all for its top quality. Therefore, take a close look at the leather of the belt and check the quality. Cheap counterfeits never have the quality that an original belt has. The smell of the material can also indicate the authenticity of the belt. If the belt does not feel firm and stable, you may be holding a fake in your hand.

The seams of the belt

In most cases, the analysis of small details, such as the seams, also helps to check the authenticity of a Versace belt. Pay attention to stitch length and uniformity. If you discover small errors and inaccuracies, it is almost certainly a fake product. In addition, the stitches should be absolutely accurate and straight.