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How to tell a fake or genuine Tommy Hilfiger sweater

the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Tommy Hilfiger sweater

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Tommy Hilfiger sweater? Our illustrated guide gives you the clues to spot a counterfeit!

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Tommy Hilfiger offers a variety of different sweater models for men. The Hilfiger style is known for its simplicity and so many of its sweaters are kept in one color. The classic round neckline can also be found in many Hilfiger models. High-quality materials such as cotton, wool or linen are preferred for the Hilfiger sweaters.

Tommy Hilfiger brand

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was founded in 1985 by designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger in New York. Initially, Hilfiger offered only one men’s collection under its new brand, but by 1990 the company had grown to $ 25 million in sales and went public in 1991, after Hilfiger became the Menswear Designer of the Year in 1995 he sold his company in 2005, but remains the director, honorary chairman of the board and chief designer.

Hilfiger now sells clothing, accessories and shoes for men, women and children under the brands Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, Hilfiger Collection, Tommy Hilfiger Tailored and TommyXGigi. There are also glasses, watches, fragrances and furniture with the Hilfiger brand.

Hilfiger is known as a companion of the neat and uncomplicated all-American style and caused a revival of the college style.

Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Tommy Hilfiger sweater

In the following we use the authenticity features to describe how you recognize an original Tommy Hilfiger sweater.

Hilfiger logo and size label inside the collar

Distinguish original Tommy Hilfiger sweater label from fake

You can recognize a fake Hilfiger sweater, for example, by the sewn-in logo and size labels inside the sweater, which are located just below the neckline at the back. In the original sweater, both the logo and the label with the size are very clean and finely embroidered. The letters are narrow and regular, as is the “Premium Cotton” sign just below.

The fraudulent counterfeit, on the other hand, often has thick, inaccurately embroidered letters that are often irregular.

The material of the labels is very soft in the original, while the Hilfiger Fake uses scratchy, hard materials here.

Original Hilfiger label in the chest area

Distinguish the original Tommy Hilfiger pullover logo from fake

Another authenticity feature of the original sweater is the embroidered label on the outside in the chest area. The original is very fine and neatly embroidered. The red and white rectangles in the logo are the same size.
With the Hilfiger imitation, this logo is often crooked or sewn improperly. The white or red rectangle can take up more space than the other in the fake Hilfiger sweater.

The sewn-in washing instruction sheet

The sewn-in washing instruction sheet, which can be found in the real Hilfiger sweater, is matted and made of soft synthetic material. The letters and drawings are also printed accurately here. You can recognize the Hilfiger copy on the washing instruction slip by its high-gloss material, scratchy plastic material or by thick, inaccurately printed letters and characters.

Under the washing instruction sheet, there is also a sewn-in slip with the production date on the original. For example, if it says 12/17, the sweater was made in December 2017. However, if you ordered or bought the sweater in the same month or even earlier, this is an indication of a counterfeit

Original Hilfiger label

The original label, which is attached to the product on a ribbon, should have a silk matt surface. The small Tommy Hilfiger logo, on the other hand, should have a glossy surface. Fakes often consist of cheap cardboard / paper and show discolouration or irregular colors.

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