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How to tell a fake or genuine Prada bag

fake or genuine Prada bag

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What are the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Prada bag? Our Fake Check guide outlines the things to look out for so you don’t get cheated by a copy.

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Best ways to tell a fake or genuine Prada bag

Just like the brands Louis Vuitton , Hermès , Chanel or Gucci , the traditional brand Prada is repeatedly misused by counterfeiters. In the following, we will tell you what features you need to pay attention to to avoid a fake purchase.

1. Logo
With almost every Prada bag, the logo is attached both outside and inside the bag and is one of the best ways to tell a fake or genuine Prada bag. You should take a close look at the “R” in the logo, because the notch is missing from the originals on the second leg of the “R”. This feature is often overlooked by counterfeiters and can quickly expose fake bags. The logo is often found in the famous triangular shape on many Prada bags. This can be at the front, side or back and the letters and symbols are always in silver or gold and slightly raised.

fake or genuine Prada bag
fake or genuine Prada bag
fake or genuine Prada bag

2. Authenticity Card
If you buy an original Prada bag, you will always receive a so-called Authenticity Card, on which some features and the article number are noted. The card is white, in credit card format and has a magnetic stripe. Make sure that the card is filled in with the appropriate data, because an “empty” card is not proof of the authenticity of the item. Compare the completed details on the card, such as color and material, with the bag you want to purchase. If there are any deviations, it is quite likely a fake product. So when buying second-hand bags, always ask for the Authenticity Card, when buying online you can also ask for photos that show the card. In addition to the authenticity card, in many cases you will also be given a brown item card, which is in a brown envelope. The Prada logo is engraved on both the card and the packaging and not just printed on it. The details of the Authenticity Card and the item card must also match 100%.


3. Metal applications
Many, but not all, metal parts such as buckles or zippers have the word “Prada” on them. If this is available, pay close attention to the processing, because with original lettering, the letters are clearly delimited from one another and engraved cleanly. In the case of counterfeits, these often run into one another and the engraving is usually unattractive. Another feature that you can use to expose a fake is the metal feet on the underside of the bag. These must always be exactly the same distance from the edge of the bag and should always be the same size.

4. Metal and leather signs
Almost all Prada bags have a metal or leather label inside the bag. The background color of the metal plate is usually identical to the color of the lining or is very similar to the color. The corners are slightly rounded and the letters on the label always match the color of the other applications of the bag. If it contains, for example, silver metal parts (zipper, buckle, …), the lettering on the metal plate is also in silver. On the square leather plate there is a metal button in each corner, which in turn is in the color of the other metal applications. For bags with a textile lining, Prada uses the same color for the leather shield as the leather bag itself. If leather was used for the lining, the color of the leather label is identical to the color of the lining. The signs also always contain one of these letters: “PRADA MADE IN ITALY”, “PRADA MILANO” or “PRADA MILANO DAL 1913”.

fake or genuine Prada bag

Are you still looking for your own favorite Prada bag? With these tips you will hopefully be well prepared for your next shopping trip.